Feeling Accomplished

Saturday morning, April 8

I had roast beef and chicken in the refrigerator – both gifts – the roast beef from our daughter Deb & son-in-law Roy and the chicken was from two chicken barbecue meals from my sister Nancy & her husband, Marlin.

After checking my pantry and pondering over the possibilities, I cooked a bag of noodles, added white fettuccini sauce (from two jars), then divided it in half.

I added corn, chicken, and some of the thin liquid to the first half – making a delicious chicken corn soup.

I added roast beef and peas to the second half – making a delicious casserole.


We had yummy meals for a few days and even put some of the beef and peas in the freezer for a future meal.

Homemade Granola

Thursday, March 30

I was on the way home from taking my step-mother to the eye doctor when I got a text from our daughter-in-law Kristen, asking if I would like some homemade granola.

I texted back saying, “Sure.”

We stopped for a few groceries and birthday snacks for our granddaughter’s birthday parties – Jenna and Jana.

When I got home, the granola was on our kitchen counter.

We have been enjoying it for breakfast during the past week.

Oh, yum!

Breakfast with Nsimba, Elizabeth & Inge

Monday, February 27

A beautiful sunrise on the way to Brickerville House Restaurant.

When Inge invited us to join her for a birthday breakfast, I asked if she would like Elizabeth and Nsimba to join us. She was delighted to see them again and talk to Nsimba in Portuguese.

Inge likes to eat in the library room.

Our choices for breakfast.

My poached egg, bacon, and toast.

It was a delightful time.

The Miandabu’s headed back to Maine after we finished eating and visiting – and the rest of us went to work.

Special Ice Cream Date

Tuesday, February 21

The morning sunrise changed by the minute.

After a light supper, we met Nate, Abby, and Anthony at Fox Meadows Creamery for ice cream.

It was what Abby chose for her birthday treat.

So many delicious choices

We chose a table in the small room behind the ordering area.

Abby, Anthony, and Nathaniel.

The many faces of Anthony as he enjoyed his ice cream cone.

Two granddaughters and a great-grandson.

We thought Jana (left) wasn’t working that night, but after a bit she came out from the kitchen area. She was being trained to prepare hot food – a new feature at Fox Meadows.

My little buddy.

Oh, I must tell you about my ice cream treat!

When my sister learned that we were going to the creamery, she said, “Did you ever try the affogato? It is amazing!”

It is made with ice cream, espresso, whipped cream and a pirouette. I chose vanilla ice cream and decaf espresso.

Wow! That is addictive.

Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 14

God sent his love on Valentine’s Day with a beautiful sunrise.

That evening we went to Fox Meadows Creamery for ice cream.

We invited Rachel and Glenn Fahnestock to join us and they happily accepted.

We enjoyed visiting in a quiet corner – which betrayed the reality of a very, very busy place.

My Baked Fox – a delicious red velvet cookie with a dip of ice cream in the center.

Each person also got a kind of fortune cookie with a note or question inside.

Rachel’s ice cream.


They have some of the best ice cream in the country.

Northern Flicker – Icicles – Valentine Dinner

Friday, February 10

I always enjoy seeing a Northern Flicker at our feeders.

This is a male.

The male flicker has a black patch of feathers next to its bill.

When we left the house at 2 pm to go to Costco I noticed the icicles glittering in the afternoon sun.

These were hanging from our house roof.

After spending an hour getting supplies at Costco, we took our time going to RD’s American Grill for a Valentine’s Dinner with Roy and Deb.

I enjoyed the back roads and beautiful farms.

After enjoying the snow-covered scenery, we went to Good’s Store in Quarryville.

I like their Mission Statement: To do a profitable business, to develop people, to serve the public and the community according to Christian principles and to God’s Honor and Glory.

Goods is a general store where you can find shoes and boots, school and stationary items, animal and bird food, clothing, snacks, household items, hardware items, and on and on.

They were having a “black bag special”, which was a fun way to get 20% off anything that fit inside the bag. Nothing could stick out the top.

We found a few things that we didn’t know we needed. 🙂

We got to RD’s fairly early and were ushered to our table.

Deb and Roy arrived shortly after we got there.

I liked the corsage that Roy gave Deb. Notice the raccoon. 🙂


I think I have a new profile picture for Facebook and our newsletters.

We enjoyed a delicious, four-course meal.

My delicious Creamy Blended Kennett Square Mushroom Soup

Cerwin’s Baked Tomato Bisque



Filet Trio: wild boar, angus beef, Texas antelope.

It was delicious.

Deb’s Smoked Breast of Capon

~ Sweet Endings ~

Cheese Cake Tart

My White Chocolate-Kahlua. Oh, yum!

Traditional Crème Brulee


It was a delightful, relaxing, delicious evening.

Breakfast with My Sister

Monday, January 30

My sister usually takes me to Brickerville House Restaurant for breakfast sometime near my birthday. It was a bit early this year because she is very busy next week.

It is one of the closest restaurants to our house – and Nancy’s. I enjoy going here because of the delicious food and interesting history.


From the Internet:

The Brickerville Family Restaurant, as we know the building today, had early origins in Lancaster County. Early records show that the building was constructed on a tract of land which was warranted to Valentine Stover in 1732. A title, or patent, to this property was then given to Wendel Horning on Jan. 27, 1763.

A letter was examined at the Lancaster County Historical Society in July 2011 that was written by Mary E. Lewis, Decatur, Ill., to a Sophie Bricker, Lititz, in 1927. Lewis mentions her great-grandfather, John Henry Bricker, who came to the United States with his four brothers from Prussia and settled in Lancaster County. She states that John Bricker bought land and built a stone tavern or house. Teamsters would stop there to feed their horses and would remain there overnight early on.

If you are interested in the history of Brickerville and Brickerville House Restaurant, go to: http://lititzrecord.com/news/peter-bricker-and-the-history-of-the-brickerville-hotel-part-1-of-a-2-part-series/

We can talk nonstop and have to eventually stop and go home. 🙂

Both of us got a version of eggs benedict and brought half of it home for another meal.


I love spending time with her – my favorite sister.

Blackfin Blues with Roy and Deb

Wednesday, December 28

This was the scene as we turned into Roy and Deb’s road – to go out with them for supper.

Just before turning into their driveway.

This was for Roy’s 2016 birthday – which was in July. 🙂 He had actually chosen something else that didn’t materialize, so he decided to wait until the week between Christmas and New Year when he does not have work.

He and I share a love of eating at new and unusual restaurants. We told him to choose whatever he wanted. He said, “How about Hawaii?” 🙂 I said that wouldn’t fit into our birthday gift budget. So he asked about going to California. I replied, “Same thing.” Try the east coast.

Eventually he got back to us saying he had chosen Blackfin Blues in Port Deposit, Maryland – about half an hour from their place.

A blue crab design on the wall near our table.

Roy and Deb checking out the menu.

Posing for me

Deb’s Iceberg Wedge

Crisp iceberg wedges topped with apple wood bacon, blue cheese crumbles & dressing, garnished with balsamic glace

Cerwin’s Filet Au Poivre

9 ounce center cut, pepper encrusted tenderloin, pan seared and finished with Grand Marnier sauce

Roy got the special. I forget what it was, but it was definitely seafood. The mashed potatoes were made with eggnog. They guys liked it but I thought it was a bit sweet.

Deb’s Filet Au Poivre (same description as Cerwins). She chose mashed sweet potatoes.

My Veal Oscar

Pan seared veal medallions, topped with colossal crab, grilled asparagus and chef hollandaise. I also chose mashed sweet potatoes (delicious). I don’t know when I last had veal, but I was delighted with my meal.

We were certainly not hungry, but were tempted by this berry cake, so ordered one and asked our waitress to bring 4 forks.

We exited the front door and walked around the block to enjoy this neat town at night.

Looking down the other side of the street.

Port Deposit has some interesting history. It would be fun to spend some time there and check it out.

Back in the parking lot

The Susquehanna River is just a block away, so Roy drove down an alley to show it to us.

This is close to where the river enters the Chesapeake Bay.


It was a fabulous evening! Thanks for choosing this place Roy.

Christmas Week ~ Part 1

Sunday, December 18 through Tuesday, December 20

We started Christmas week by having lunch at Pizza Hut with most of Jeff and Chris’ family to celebrate a few 2016 birthdays – Chris, Donovan, Diana, and Gloria.

Oh, what fun to be with their family.

The next day (Monday) we enjoyed lunch with the staff at TFC’s International Office.

Jon (Lynn’s husband), Cerwin, Lynn, Danielle, and Carol

Waiting for the hot dishes to be put in place.

George (Jane’s husband), Jeff, Scott, Karen (Scott’s wife), Mike, Carol’s daughter (I don’t remember her name), Carol, Dan (hidden) and his wife, Melody.

Everyone brought something.


Lynn Kolb blessed us with a song as we enjoyed the food.

I don’t think most of us realized that she has a beautiful singing voice.

We posed for a staff picture after the meal: Left to right – Lynn, Ruth, Carol, Mike, Inge, Scott, Danielle, Dan, Bunny, Jim, Sam, Cerwin, Jeff, Jane, and me.

Tuesday evening I went outside to enjoy and photograph the beautiful sunset that filled the western sky.

Same sunset – but a bit more to the north.

What I was seeing through the dogwood tree on our patio.

It was a delightful beginning to our Christmas week.

Suprise Coffee Break With Deb

Today, December 21

Yesterday I finished several busy weeks in the office – processing and taking staff newsletters to the post office – so I decided to go to Lancaster for some DMC embroidery floss for the photo I am stitching of Jesse.

I didn’t have my camera along, so these are cell phone pictures.

About two miles from home I called our daughter Deb and asked if she was going to be in Lancaster this morning. She said, “I will be there in fifteen minutes.”

I was about twenty minutes away, so we decided to have coffee at Coffee Company.

She had a box of homemade cookies along – just in case she met someone who needed them. I am glad to be the recipient of those.

We shared a blueberry muffin.

I got a hazelnut latte and Deb had a cappuccino.

Oh, what a delightful time I had with her.

After coffee, we went to visit her friend Dee at work – the reason Deb was in Lancaster. Then she dropped me off at A.C. Moore.

About the time I found the embroidery floss aisle, I saw our daughter-in-law Kristen. 🙂 If only we had known that she was in Lancaster, we could have had coffee for three.

I am still smiling from the way our “unplanned” morning fell into place.

Thank you, Deb, for taking time to have coffee with your mom.