Supper at Bully’s Restaurant

Tuesday Evening, March 31

I chose this picture of the exterior of Bully’s Restaurant from the Internet, because this is pretty much what it looked like when we arrived. However, it would have been difficult for me to take this picture because of evening traffic.

Mark, Diane, Deb, Roy, Chris, Jeff, and Cerwin. (We were disappointed that it didn’t suit Jere and Kristen because he was on a business trip.)

Several things brought this supper about.

  1. Mark and Diane were here for only one day – after going to Tennessee to visit their son Heze and before going back to Maine.
  2. We wanted to take Mark out for his 2017 birthday.
  3. When Roy heard that Diane, Deb, and I were spending the afternoon together, he said, “I would like to see them too.” 🙂

We tried to find a restaurant in the Columbia area so Roy could meet us after work. (He works in Hanover.) Several restaurants in that area are closed on Tuesday nights, so I was glad to learn that Bully’s was open – and had fabulous online recommendations. We each had between a half-an-hour and one-our drive.

We were pleased to have a small room to ourselves and enjoyed the delicious food.

None of us had ever been here, but I am sure we will return. (I think Jeff and Chris went back the following week for her birthday.)

Liberatore’s Ristorante with Roy & Deb

Our Mother’s & Father’s Day continued…

Roy loves to find unique restaurants as gifts for us – like birthdays and Mother’s or Father’s Day.

They had eaten here and thought it a perfect place to take us – after bird-watching at Conowingo Dam. The menu is Italian.

The olive oil that we used for dipping our bread.

While dining there is a continuous slide show of Italy.

While waiting for our entrees, I took some pictures of the ambience.

Cerwin’s steak

Roy and Deb got similar pasta meals

My fettuccini. I love fettuccini and this was delicious.

We had all eaten plenty, but wanted to try a Bomba. They cut one in quarters for us so we each got to taste a small piece. Oh, yum!

Bomba is sorbet. Half mango and half passion fruit. There is raspberry sorbet in the middle. This is then covered by white chocolate.

After having to turn around at the military barracks (see previous post), Roy took us on a back country drive.

We ended up at Rock Run Historic Area – part of Susquehanna State park.

I will tell you about that tomorrow night.

Supper at Sea Dog Restaurant

Saturday Evening, May 13

(Since we were in Maine I should probably say “suppah”.) 🙂

The Sea Dog is in the Bowdoin Mill complex not far from the Myers house.

There were a few loons enjoying the Androscoggin River next to the window where we enjoyed our meal.

It was difficult to photograph them because of the shadows and the screen in the window.

Cerwin, Hannah, Elizabeth, Lydia, Mark, and Diane.

It was fun being with our entire Maine family – except Nsimba. He was in bed with a migraine. 🙁

A sampling of our meals.

The Seared Brussels Sprout salad is my favorite meal here.

The entire table shared these two desserts – just to have a taste of something sweet.

Hannah decided that she wanted a selfie with everyone.

If you notice that Lydia is missing from the selfies, she wasn’t feeling well and went to the car.

I needed updated pictures of Elizabeth and Hannah for our refrigerator.

Which one do you like best, Elizabeth. #1, #2, or #3?

I only took one of you, Hannah, so you don’t get to choose. 🙂

These two took a silly one. 🙂

Look right here, Grandma.

This brought Lydia’s graduation day to a delightful close.

PS: She felt okay by morning.

Asparagus Soup

Wednesday, April 5, was a cool, rainy day, so making asparagus soup seemed like a great idea.

Deb brought fresh asparagus for lunch a few days earlier. It had been given to her and was picked rather old, so she only used the top 5 inches when sautÊing it.

I asked her to not throw out the bottoms, because they would make good soup.

I also had asparagus in the freezer that needed to be used.

I added onion and seasonings, cooked it, then put it in a food processor.

Oh, yum! This will be delicious next winter – if I don’t eat it all before then.

If you are wondering, I make it like canned tomato soup.

After getting a container out of the freezer and thawing it, I add half part soup mix to half part milk, put it in a coffee cup, heat it in the microwave and drink it.

Of course it can be put in a soup bowl as well. 🙂

It is delicious to my taste buds.

A Birthday Meal with Roy & Deb

April 23

Roy knows that Cerwin enjoys a good steak and “googled” best steak in Lancaster County.

Johnny’s was on the list.

We arrived a bit early and enjoyed the colorful view in front of us as we waited for Roy and Deb.

Our view was enhanced by this couple who were enjoying a late afternoon ride.

It was relaxing, delicious, and fun to have an evening with them.

My Pina Colada

I think this was Deb’s meal.


Cerwin agreed that it was one of the best steaks he has ever eaten.

Roy’s meal

The birthday boy’s dessert

My crème broulee and Roy’s dessert in the background.

Thank you Roy and Deb for a wonderful evening.

When I saw this dandelion growing between concrete and asphalt (next to where we parked), I thought – this would go well with a thought or Bible verse some day – like “bloom where you are planted.” 🙂

Feeling Accomplished

Saturday morning, April 8

I had roast beef and chicken in the refrigerator – both gifts – the roast beef from our daughter Deb & son-in-law Roy and the chicken was from two chicken barbecue meals from my sister Nancy & her husband, Marlin.

After checking my pantry and pondering over the possibilities, I cooked a bag of noodles, added white fettuccini sauce (from two jars), then divided it in half.

I added corn, chicken, and some of the thin liquid to the first half – making a delicious chicken corn soup.

I added roast beef and peas to the second half – making a delicious casserole.


We had yummy meals for a few days and even put some of the beef and peas in the freezer for a future meal.

Homemade Granola

Thursday, March 30

I was on the way home from taking my step-mother to the eye doctor when I got a text from our daughter-in-law Kristen, asking if I would like some homemade granola.

I texted back saying, “Sure.”

We stopped for a few groceries and birthday snacks for our granddaughter’s birthday parties – Jenna and Jana.

When I got home, the granola was on our kitchen counter.

We have been enjoying it for breakfast during the past week.

Oh, yum!

Breakfast with Nsimba, Elizabeth & Inge

Monday, February 27

A beautiful sunrise on the way to Brickerville House Restaurant.

When Inge invited us to join her for a birthday breakfast, I asked if she would like Elizabeth and Nsimba to join us. She was delighted to see them again and talk to Nsimba in Portuguese.

Inge likes to eat in the library room.

Our choices for breakfast.

My poached egg, bacon, and toast.

It was a delightful time.

The Miandabu’s headed back to Maine after we finished eating and visiting – and the rest of us went to work.

Special Ice Cream Date

Tuesday, February 21

The morning sunrise changed by the minute.

After a light supper, we met Nate, Abby, and Anthony at Fox Meadows Creamery for ice cream.

It was what Abby chose for her birthday treat.

So many delicious choices

We chose a table in the small room behind the ordering area.

Abby, Anthony, and Nathaniel.

The many faces of Anthony as he enjoyed his ice cream cone.

Two granddaughters and a great-grandson.

We thought Jana (left) wasn’t working that night, but after a bit she came out from the kitchen area. She was being trained to prepare hot food – a new feature at Fox Meadows.

My little buddy.

Oh, I must tell you about my ice cream treat!

When my sister learned that we were going to the creamery, she said, “Did you ever try the affogato? It is amazing!”

It is made with ice cream, espresso, whipped cream and a pirouette. I chose vanilla ice cream and decaf espresso.

Wow! That is addictive.