A Wedding Shower For Dustan and Jenna

Sunday Evening, August 16

We became part of the surprise when Chris (our daughter-in-law and Jenna’s mother) asked if we would text Jenna on Sunday evening, asking if they could show us their house. I had recently mentioned to Jenna that I would like to see it, and Chris knew that. Chris said we should get there about  6:15 and keep them there until about 7:15. Dustan knew about the shower so was quite cooperative. 🙂

shower (1)After leaving their house in Lititz, we went to another area of town so Jenna wouldn’t see our car heading to Dustan’s parent’s house (just outside of Lititz) where the shower was being held. We drove into the parking lot of the Moravian Church and saw this design in their yard. I thought it was a good life message for Dustan and Jenna. “Let God.”

When we got a text that they were in the house, we headed to the shower.

shower (2)Jenna was a bit suspicious that something was going on, but things didn’t happen like she thought, so she was quite surprised when everyone was at the Rohrer’s.

shower (3)Love these two!

shower (4)Their wedding day

shower (5)Beautiful decorations.

shower (8)

shower (9)

shower (7)The gifts were placed on a beautiful old table.

shower (10)

shower (11)

shower (6)

shower (12)Dustan’s mother, Debbie, putting out a new platter of sandwiches. Her sister-in-law Kim is behind her.

shower (13)There was lots of yummy food.

shower (14)

shower (15)

shower (16)I somehow forgot to photograph the dessert area.

shower (17)There was assigned seating for the parents, grandparents, and girls in the wedding party.

shower (18)

shower (19)

shower (20)

shower (22)Scott and Debbie, parents of the groom, and Jeff and Chris, parents of the bride.

shower (23)

shower (24)Her attendants – Diana, Chelsey, Marcy, Maddy, and Gloria – helped the mothers plan this shower.

shower (25)

shower (26)

shower (27)

shower (28)

shower (29)

shower (30)That would be me.

shower (31)

shower (32)Grandparents: Grandpa Rohrer (Grandma Rohrer is standing in the back in white), Grandpa Shenk, Grandma Shenk, Cerwin, my seat, Grandma Wells, and Great-grandma Hershey.

shower (33)

shower (34)I didn’t play this, so I am not sure how it was played, but I know our granddaughter Abby called “bingo” first.

shower (35)It was fun watching them open gifts.

shower (36)

shower (37)

shower (38)

shower (39)This was a beautifully decorated “R” for Rohrer (their last name). The photos were from their engagement photo shoot – by Kezie – and the R was decorated and given by our daughter-in-law Kristen and granddaughter Jana.

shower (40)

shower (41)

shower (42)

shower (43)

shower (44)

shower (45)Reading the information on this beautiful, outside bush.

shower (46)Jenna and her friends Kelsey and Kezie looking at pictures on a cell phone.

shower (47)It was a “high five” kind of evening. 🙂

Chuck E Cheese’s With Jared and Jesse

Saturday, August 15

Chuck E Cheese's (1)This visit was for Jared and Jesse’s 2015 birthdays.

Chuck E Cheese's (3)

Chuck E Cheese's (4)

Chuck E Cheese's (5)Jared hit the jackpot – and emptied the machine of tickets. 🙂

Chuck E Cheese's (6)

Chuck E Cheese's (7)Skittleball

Chuck E Cheese's (8)This is my favorite Chuck E Cheese’s game.

Chuck E Cheese's (9)

Chuck E Cheese's (10)Trying the jackpot game again after the tickets were replenished.

Chuck E Cheese's (11)He did it again!

Chuck E Cheese's (12)

Chuck E Cheese's (13)Jesse’s “loot”

Jared gave Jesse all his tickets, plus Jesse had received a lot of tokens and tickets as a birthday gift.

I enjoy any day I get to spend with children or grandchildren.

The Final Game

Tuesday Evening, August 11

DSC_8756We were back the next night to watch the final game of the championship games.

DSC_8760If you read my blog last night, you will remember that White Oak Red won the first two games (in the best of five) in the championship series and Chiques Gold won the next two – so this was the final game.

Championship Game

Monday Evening, August 10

We had only gotten to one church game this summer, so when we heard that our church’s Red Team was in the championship playoffs, we made time to get there.

Championship Game (1)Preparing for the game against Chiques Gold.

White Oak Red went into this championship with an advantage of having already won two of the “best of five” games.

Championship Game (2)Our grandson Nathan (24) is assistant coach.

Championship Game (3)Prayer

Championship Game (4)

Championship Game (5)Nate

Championship Game (6)Our nephew Tristan came dressed to impress. 🙂

Championship Game (7)Can you tell by the body language that this game is not going well.

Championship Game (8)Phil

Championship Game (9)

Championship Game (10)Our granddaughter Jana (left) and two of her friends watching the game.

Championship Game (11)Diana (granddaughter) and Donovan stopped to talk to Jana before going to their seat.

Championship Game (12)

Championship Game (14)

Championship Game (13)The second game did not go well for the Red team either.

Championship Game (15)That means the championship games were now tied – White Oak Red won 2 and Chiques Gold won 2.

We will go back the next evening to watch the final game.

John J Jeffries

Saturday evening, July 25

1This meal was to celebrate Roy’s birthday

1a (1)Lydia got to celebrate with us because she was going to spend the next week and a half with Roy and Deb.

1a (2)

1bTobacco leaf chairs – because John J. Jeffries Restaurant is part of a large complex that used to be a tobacco warehouse when Cerwin and I were young.

1c (1)

1c (2)These are in the lounge area where we waited until the hostess came for us.

1c (4)The birthday boy.

1dStairs to the motel rooms.

1e (1)Pretty rose arrangements.

Real roses.

1e (2)



DSC_8230After we ordered, Lydia gave Roy a few fun gifts.

DSC_8231This is a tiny moose that will “grow” after it is put in water. 🙂

DSC_8232I enjoy the French press coffee this restaurant serves.

DSC_8233We each got an “on-the-house” appetizer.

It was a delicious, cold, squash soup.

I forget who got which entrée.

DSC_8234.From the Internet: Chef Cavanaugh has visited small organic family farms in Lancaster County to source the perfect ingredients for your dining experience. Our Lancaster, Pa. restaurant is the leading consumer of local organic meats and vegetables in Central PA, showing a true commitment to the local economy and healthful food.





DSC_8238I do know that this was my meal. I ate light because I wanted dessert. 🙂

Soup Duo: Roasted sweet corn bisque and tomato-sweet onion bisque with tomato-corn relish.

I was expecting two small bowls of soup – instead I got this delightful duo. It was delicious.
Before our meal, the waiter asked if we were celebrating a special occasion. We told him Roy’s birthday. They surprised him and us with a candle in his dessert.
Keswick Creamery Quark Cheesecake
Deb’s ice cream sampler – Singing​ Dog Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip, Roasted Sweet Corn & a butter cookie.
Cerwin’s Kallari FTO Chocolate Pate – Peanut butter mousse and raspberry sauce.
Lydia’s plum sorbet.
My Tres Leches Cake & Berries: Sponge cake soaked with sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream with sea salt caramel.
Oh, my that was delicious!
Afterwards Lydia put her suitcase and overnight things in Roy and Deb’s car.
They headed south and we headed north.
We got home to a beautiful evening sky.
It was a delightfully, delicious day.

Highlights of Three Beautiful Days in July

July 22, 23, & 24

Highlights (1)How is this for a Wednesday morning highlight – our great-grandson, Anthony, and his aunt, our granddaughter, Lydia?

Anthony was here for a short time while his mom (Abby) ran a few errands.

Highlights (2)These three are cell phone pictures so we could send pictures to his grandma (Diane) in Maine.

Highlights (3)Love that cookie-covered face.

Highlights (4)

Highlights (5)Thursday: I love the view from our patio when the sun is highlighting corn tassels.

Highlights (6)Cornfields line the road near our house.

Highlights (7)Friday: Our daughter-in-law Kristen brought a bag of fresh corn – ready-for-the-freezer

Highlights (8)There were more than a dozen freezer bags.

Highlights (9)Thanks, Kristen. I kept one bag out of the freezer for supper. It tasted like fresh corn. Yum!

Highlights (10)I never tire of a clear night and a beautiful moon – whether it is waxing, full, or waning.

Highlights (11)Sometimes I like to think about the fact that it is the same moon God created thousands of years ago – and the same moon that each of our family members see – no matter where they live or are traveling.

Cooking by Lydia & A Helicopter Overhead

Tuesday, July 21

Since Lydia is studying culinary arts, I thought it would be fun if she cooked a meal for us before going to her last work camp for the summer – to Colorado – and then home to Maine.

DSC_8100She went shopping for the ingredients she needed.


DSC_8104Sautéing garlic

DSC_8106Delightful, delicious venison steak, potatoes, and soybeans (edamame).

She sliced potatoes and sweet potatoes, put olive oil in cupcake tins, seasoned and layered them in cupcake tins, baked, and served them with sour cream.

Everything was delicious.

DSC_8147It was a beautiful, cloudy evening. When I was outside enjoying the weather, a helicopter flew overhead.


DSC_8150I love a day when someone cooks for me and the evening is filled with the sound of a helicopter.

Cousin’s Week – Day 6 – Wolf Sanctuary of PA

Saturday Morning, July 18

Wolves (1)This is has been in our neighborhood for a long time, but only become a tourist attraction and sanctuary in the past nine years.

Wolves (2)We have been wanting to take this tour, and this seemed like the time to do it.

Wolves (3)When I grew up, we knew this as the Darlington farm.

From the internet: For over 30 years the Darlington Family has offered refuge to wolves who have found themselves without a place in the natural world. Originally created as a private rescue, the Wolf Sanctuary of PA has grown into an educational facility.

Wolves (4)If you are interested in the history of the Darlington farm click on this link. I was interested to learn that this was originally owned by the Coleman’s of Lebanon.


Wolves (5)The old barn.

Wolves (6)Each person received a sticker to prove that they had paid their entrance fee.

Wolves (7)During the week you have to make reservations for a tour, but if you stop in at 10:00 AM on a Saturday or Sunday, you can be included in a tour. Each guide has about 30 people in his/her group.

During the tourist season there are usually more than 100 people who come at 10:00 AM each day for the weekend tours. There were definitely more than 100 on the day we were there.

Wolves (8)The tour guide ahead of us did something to get the wolves to howl.

Wolves (9)These two are full-blooded timber wolves. They are a father and son, and are still in mourning for the female (sister to the son) who had recently died.

When a wolf dies, it is left in the pen for about an hour so the pack can mourn. It is not unusual for them to eat very little or nothing for the next week.

Wolves (10)The guides use left over food from a local restaurant.

Wolves (11)The owners appreciate road kill deer or dead cows or sheep from local farmers. They do not accept pork because it does not work well with a wolf’s digestive system.

They have a large walk-in freezer where meat is kept until it is needed.

Wolves (12)

Wolves (13)We were surprised to see this turtle as we walked to the next pack. The guide doesn’t remember ever seeing it before.

Wolves (14)

Wolves (15)Each pack has an alpha male or female (sometimes both), and if the guides feeds a lower ranking wolf first, a fight will break out.

Wolves (16)

Wolves (17)The young woman is a guide in training. All guides are volunteers.

She told an interesting story about a ranger and a wolf in Alaska who had befriended each other. When the ranger was moved to a new station about 25 miles away, the wolf followed him, and even brought a pair of shoes he left behind.

Wolves (18)This is the largest pack on the property.

Wolves (19)

Wolves (20)Each pack has plenty of space in this wooded area. The wolves in this pack were not particularly hungry because they had recently been given a sheep carcass.

Wolves (21)There is a double eight foot fence around each pack. Only the guide goes through the gate and stands next to the inside fence.

Wolves (22)I was surprised at how intently Ian, Jared, and Jesse listened to the guide, as the tour lasted almost two hours.

Wolves (23)The guide told us to come back in late winter or early spring to see the wolves in their winter dress, as they were shedding and looked rather mangy right now.

Wolves (24)

Wolves (25)

Wolves (26)

Wolves (27)

Wolves (28)

Wolves (29)This one is blind.

Wolves (30)

Wolves (31)

Wolves (32)

Wolves (33)

Wolves (34)

Wolves (35)

Wolves (36)The last four wolves were recent additions to the sanctuary.

Wolves (37)Many wolves they receive come from people who tried to raise them as pets – which almost never works.

Wolves (38)All wolves are neutered or spayed so additional wolves are not born in captivity. There are always wolves on the waiting list to come to this sanctuary.

Wolves (39)There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done before they can cross state lines.

Wolves (40)

Wolves (41)After this most interesting tour, our Cousin’s Week 2015 came to an end.

It was an incredibly good week.

Cousin’s Week – Day 5 – Ziplining and Visiting the Nature Center at Refreshing Mountain

Friday Afternoon, July 17

1 (1)When we were here on Wednesday, I made reservations for Lydia and Diana to go on the zipline course.

1 (2)While I was with the boys – during their archery class – Jana took pictures (with my camera) of Lydia and Diana getting ready for their zipline experience.

1 (3)

1 (4)

1 (5)

1 (6)

1 (7)

1 (8)Instructions

1 (9)

1 (10)Heading toward the starting platform.

1 (11)

1 (12)

1 (13)Lydia ready to go to platform two.

This is about the time I returned from the archery shoot and began taking the pictures again. Thanks, Jana. You did a great job.

1 (14)

1 (15)

1 (16)

1 (17)

1 (18)Diana heading toward the second platform

1 (19)

1 (20)

1 (21)

1 (22)There was a ropes course after platform two.

1a (1)

1a (2)

1a (3)

2 (1)

2 (2)

2 (3)The course went into the woods after platform 3, and it was about that time I noticed the boys were finished with their geocaching experience, so I went with them to the nature center.

2 (4)The inside exhibit

2 (5)

2 (6)

2 (7)

2 (8)

2 (9)Their guide gave them a lot of good information and answered all their questions.

2 (19)

2 (10)

2 (11)

2 (12)

2 (13)

2 (14)

2 (15)

2 (16)

2 (17)

2 (18)

2 (23)Outside exhibit

2 (20)

2 (21)

2 (22)

2 (24)The guide sent them for raspberries for the turtle – which he quickly ate.

2 (25)

2 (27)Lydia coming to the last platform.

About the time the boys were finished at the nature center, I noticed the zipline group was coming to the last platform – which was close to the nature center.

2 (26)I walked around the lake to get better pictures. Lots of little frogs made plopping sounds as they jumped into the water as I walked by.

2 (29)

2 (32)Lydia leaving the final platform.

2 (33)

2 (34)

2 (35)Hitting the ground

2 (36)Diana leaving the last platform

2 (37)

2 (38)Coming in for a landing.

2 (30)Jesse was interested in the frogs and bugs on the shoreline.

2 (31)

2 (40)I expect this is the camp’s theme verse.

2 (41)The pool area – where we were on Wednesday.

2 (39)

2 (42)Back at home we had a doggie roast supper for any grandchildren who were available. Everyone was busy (base ball games, friends, etc.) except Josh (right).

2 (43)

2 (44)

2 (45)

2 (46)We always have buttered noodles on doggie roast night.

2 (47)After supper Jesse went through my Cousin’s Week cupboard, looking for something to do and found this spin art machine.

It was another fun day. There is still one more morning to go before the end of Cousin’s Week 2015. Come back tomorrow night to see what we did for a grand finale.

Cousin’s Week – Day 5 – Nature Discovery Package at Refreshing Mountain

Friday Afternoon, July 17

1 (1)The boys went on a nature course with a guide while the girls waited to go ziplining.

1 (2)As we walked toward the archery range, he taught them about looking for food while in the woods.

1 (4)He gave them directions and safety tips before they began aiming at targets.

1 (19)

1 (5)

1 (6)

1 (7)

1 (8)

1 (9)

1 (10)

1 (11)

1 (12)

1 (13)

1 (14)

1 (15)

1 (24)

1 (20)

1 (21)

1 (22)

1 (16)

1 (23)

1 (18)

1 (17)It almost looks like this arrow went through Jesse’s nose. 🙂

1 (26)Look who they talked into trying a few shots!

1 (25)

1 (27)Putting the equipment away.

1 (28)Going back to the playground area to learn about geocaching.

1 (29)They received GPS units and directions for locating caches throughout the campground.

1 (30)Jesse and Jared were the first two to get GPS units…

1 (32)…and Ian got the directions.

1 (33)…and they are off.

1 (31)

1 (34)

1 (35)

2 (1)

Jesse spotted the first cache. (This is a cell phone picture – the reason for the size difference.)

2 (2)The characteristic on this sign was “decisiveness” and the animal was the red fox.

3The guide said they did a great job in finding four objects. He said many only find one in the time allotted, and others never find any.

I left them with their guide to go get some pictures of Lydia and Diana on the zipline course. Since Jana was recovering from gallbladder surgery, ziplining was not an option, so she was watching them and taking pictures for me.

Tomorrow night I will show you ziplining and the boys going through the last part of their discovery package – the nature exhibit.