Celebrating Diane’s Fiftieth Birthday

Saturday Evening, April 2

DSC_9529Checking out the menu at General Sutter Inn in Lititz for Diane’s January 1st birthday. Deb looks like she is checking out the ceiling. ūüôā

DSC_9530It took awhile for us to find a date that suited everyone –¬†when Diane¬†was visiting from Maine –¬†so we were three months late.

DSC_9532We had so much fun and found a new favorite restaurant.

DSC_9533Love this picture of Diane.

Fifty years have matured her into a kind daughter, loving wife, wise mother, sweet friend, and a wonderful grandma.

DSC_9536We had reservations¬†for an early supper (4 PM) because of evening activities, so there weren’t may people in the restaurant.

DSC_9538It is a beautiful, relaxing dining room.

DSC_9540Our family likes to order a few appetizers and share them with each other while waiting for our entrees. This was Chris’ Beet Root Trio. I liked the orange beets.

DSC_9541Lobster Mac & Cheese


DSC_9544Fried pickels

DSC_9545Pilsner Cheddar Bites

We had a delightful time visiting, laughing, and eating.

I love being with our family and missed Mark – who had not come to Pennsylvania on this trip.

Lunch With Our Daughters

Friday Afternoon, April 1

DSC_9484This diner is a good place to meet Deb since she and Roy live an hour away from us. It is a half-hour drive for both of us.

DSC_9487Diane ordered something that had a side she didn’t want. She¬†exchanged it¬†for this salad – with hot bacon dressing. We all took samples. Yum!

DSC_9489Diane and Deb had planned some sister time, so after lunch Diane went back to Deb’s house for the rest of the day and overnight.

DSC_9491Methinks they are going to have fun.

Helping Great-grandpa

Friday, April 1

Helping (2)Anthony loves doing anything with sticks, so when Cerwin said that he was going to work in the yard, I got my large wagon.

Helping (3)

Helping (4)

Helping (5)

Helping (6)

Helping (7)

Helping (10)He also put some¬†small logs into Jere’s trailer – from a downed tree.

Helping (8)Then he went back to his wagon.

Helping (9)

Helping (1)When Cerwin arrived with his wheelbarrow, Anthony offered to help him.

Helping (11)Cerwin was picking up shellbark nuts that he had raked on piles earlier in the week.

Helping (12)Grandma came to help with yard cleanup.

Helping (13)While outside, I noticed our blooming hyacinth.

Helping (14)Then it was time to take Anthony to his other grandma and meet Deb for lunch.

I will tell you about that tomorrow night.

Labor Day With Our Maine Family

Monday, September 7

Nothing –¬†positively nothing –¬†outside of my relationship with the Lord – makes me happier¬†than to enjoy time with our children and their children and¬†getting a glimpse into their lives.

Monday was a relaxing day for us – no deadlines or appointments.

1 (1)Elizabeth looking through a cookbook.

1 (2)Mark on his cell phone. He was just back from his job of driving a big rig –¬†delivering¬†bread products.

1 (3)Cerwin reading one of the Myers’ books.

1 (4)Diane putting away breakfast dishes.

1 (5)

In the early afternoon we went to see where Hannah works. She had been milking cows part-time while working at ReStore (Habitat for Humanity). She fell in love with milking cows, and now does that fulltime and volunteers at ReStore.

L.P Bisson also raises beef cattle and hogs and has an in-house butcher shop. The above sign is outside their farm store where they sell milk and meat products.

1 (6)We timed our visit to coincide with the afternoon milking, so the cows were waiting to go to the barn.

1 (7)Hannah has a cute apartment on one end of the farm house. She just recently moved in because they owners wanted to redecorate first.

1 (8)I love the kitchen/dining area wallpaper.

1 (9)

1 (10)Welcome-to-your-house-flowers.

1 (11)I think she said they were from the farm owners.

1 (12)She is drying the rose that was given to her for her work with a local business club.

1 (17)Lydia was looking for a job that fit in with her college studies and the farm was looking for another milker. They were able prepare a schedule that worked for Lydia.

1 (16)During the days she milks, she stays with Hannah. The girls are enjoying this arrangement.

1 (13)The barn is ready for the cows.

1 (14)Some new calves.

1 (15)

1 (18)If we had been more alert to the beef cattle, we probably could have seen this one being born. We were their awhile when I noticed the mother cleaning it.

1 (19)Lydia talking to the cows just before it was time to open the gate.



2 (35)

2 (41)

2 (43)

2 (45)

2 (46)Waiting for another farm worker to get the cows moved toward the gate.

2 (50)Before opening the gate she checked to make sure there were no vehicles coming up the road.

2 (52)

2 (55)

2 (56)If I remember correctly they milk sixty-plus cows.

2 (57)

2 (68)

3 (1)Back at the house Elizabeth asked grandpa for help with playing guitar.

3aMark grilled chicken for supper.


4 (1)I set the table.

4 (2)Loved spending the day with the Myers.

A Birthday Party For Bryson – The Place

Saturday Afternoon, August 8

0 (1)This was one of the nicest playgrounds I have ever seen.

0 (2)The birthday boy – our great-nephew.

0 (2a)This party was for his 2nd birthday.

I am not sure he realized that the party was all about him Рbut he had lots of fun.

0 (3)The pavilion and playground

0 (4)

0 (5)

0 (6)

1 (1)

1 (2)


2aAunt Crystal and Uncle Jakey

2b (1)Leslie (his mom), Jakey, Crystal, and Leslie’s mother.

2b (1a)Playing with cousin Peyton

2b (2)This was a favorite area – and fun on a warm day.

2b (3)Just push this button – and there is a spray of water to run through.

2b (5)

2b (6)

2b (7)

2b (8)Peyton, Bailey, and Bryson

2b (9)

2b (10)

2b (11)

2b (13)

2b (14)

3 (1)There were also some pretty flowers surrounding the play area.

3 (2)






4fThere was even a cloud that looked like a birthday cake. ūüôā


Tomorrow night the party.

John J Jeffries

Saturday evening, July 25

1This meal was to celebrate Roy’s birthday

1a (1)Lydia got to celebrate with us because she was going to spend the next week and a half with Roy and Deb.

1a (2)

1bTobacco leaf chairs – because John J. Jeffries Restaurant is part of a large complex that used to be a tobacco warehouse when Cerwin and I were young.

1c (1)

1c (2)These are in the lounge area where we waited until the hostess came for us.

1c (4)The birthday boy.

1dStairs to the motel rooms.

1e (1)Pretty rose arrangements.

Real roses.

1e (2)



DSC_8230After we ordered, Lydia gave Roy a few fun gifts.

DSC_8231This is a tiny moose that will “grow” after it is put in water. ūüôā

DSC_8232I enjoy the French press coffee this restaurant serves.

DSC_8233We each got an¬†“on-the-house” appetizer.

It was a delicious, cold, squash soup.

I forget who got which entrée.

DSC_8234.From the Internet: Chef Cavanaugh has visited small organic family farms in Lancaster County to source the perfect ingredients for your dining experience. Our Lancaster, Pa. restaurant is the leading consumer of local organic meats and vegetables in Central PA, showing a true commitment to the local economy and healthful food.





DSC_8238I do know that this was my meal. I ate light because I wanted dessert. ūüôā

Soup Duo: Roasted sweet corn bisque and tomato-sweet onion bisque with tomato-corn relish.

I was expecting two small bowls of soup Рinstead I got this delightful duo. It was delicious.
Before our meal, the¬†waiter asked if we were celebrating a special occasion. We told him Roy’s birthday. They surprised him and us with a candle in his dessert.
Keswick Creamery Quark Cheesecake
Deb’s ice cream sampler – Singing‚Äč Dog Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip, Roasted Sweet Corn & a butter cookie.
Cerwin’s Kallari FTO Chocolate Pate – Peanut butter mousse and raspberry sauce.
Lydia’s plum sorbet.
My Tres Leches Cake & Berries: Sponge cake soaked with sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream with sea salt caramel.
Oh, my that was delicious!
Afterwards Lydia put her suitcase and overnight things in Roy and Deb’s car.
They headed south and we headed north.
We got home to a beautiful evening sky.
It was a delightfully, delicious day.

Hershey Family Spring Dinner

Sunday, May 24

The Hershey’s are my family – my siblings and their families.

This used to be our Easter dinner, but because there are so many people Р97 if everyone came РCerwin and I organize this meal in May, hoping the weather will be nice so we can be outside.

1We were expecting about seventy people.

1a (1)I set the tables the day before, and had seats for sixty. The rest would have to sit on lawn chairs in the yard.

1a (2)Everyone brings food, so we only have to provide the place, meat and drink.

1a (3)


2aThe first thing we did on Sunday was sing happy birthday to our step-mother who turned ninety-one the day before. The other three also had birthdays within a few days of the dinner. Jared was 11, Molly would soon be 7, and Lindsey was turning 5. Somehow we missed including Elliot whose 2nd birthday was also that week.

3The beautiful cake was designed by Steve (my brother) and Brenda’s daughter, Kate.

DSC_4074Time to eat.





DSC_4087This group chose to eat outside since we mentioned that a few people would have to use lawn chairs.

DSC_4089Nate chose the patio chair.

DSC_4090Our daughter Deb loves to organize the egg hunt which is a highlight for the children.

The older children distribute the eggs in the yard and hide a few that are more difficult to find.

DSC_4092She puts a variety of candy and prize notes in the eggs.




DSC_4099Everyone was told to find ten eggs.





DSC_4105The really little ones aren’t sure what is going on, but their daddy or momma helps them.






DSC_4114When everyone has ten eggs, they bring them to Deb and claim their prizes.

DSC_4116The eggs are put in a large plastic box for next year and the children keep their candy and prizes.


DSC_4121It looks like Jesse got a kite.

DSC_4122He and his brothers went out in the field – away from electric and telephone wires – to fly it.



DSC_4111The weather was perfect.

The conversation was fun.

What an interesting bunch of people.

It made me miss Daddy and Mother. They would be amazed at their very large family.

  • Mom died at age 52 when there were only about a dozen of us.
  • Daddy died at age 77. There were a lot more by then, but that was 18 years ago – so he never met or knew anyone who is 18 years old and under, or those who married into our family since then.

DSC_4120What a fun day.

I love my family.

Our Two College Graduates ~ Hezekiah & Lydia

Sunday Afternoon, May 17

1After church and the bridal shower, we found a woodsy area to take pictures of Heze and Lydia.

Since we had to miss her graduation, Diane and Mark wanted pictures of both of them.

















DSC_3774We drove by a very interesting farm on the way home.

There were ducks, geese, pigs, and cattle everywhere.


DSC_3788When we got back to¬†Mark and Diane’s house, the late afternoon sun was highlighting this tulip.

DSC_3799There were still a few more poses they wanted before the caps and gowns were put away.



DSC_3824It was a joy and honor to be in Maine to watch Heze and Lydia move on to the next step in their lives – Heze to his job as a big rig mechanic – Lydia to a summer job, then two more years of schooling before her next graduation.

We wish them God’s richest blessings.