Our Sunday in Nashville – Part 1

Sunday Morning, August 27

We were not familiar with any churches in Nashville, so decided to go to the Cowboy Church in Texas Troubadour Theatre, and were pleased to have Hezekiah and Kayla join us.

There is a museum adjoining the theatre. Cerwin was fascinated with Ernest Tubb’s bus. The Cowboy Church uses the theatre on Sundays only.

We had heard about Cowboy Churches and have seen a few services on TV.

The service is on the radio – and opened and closed by this man.

From the Internet:ย Cowboy Church is a fast moving, well-paced interdenominational service featuring your favorite country music artists, as well as local songwriters performing their personal favorite gospel songs, combined with the music and ministry of Dr. Harry Yates and Dr. Joanne Cash Yates.

This program is broadcast into over 110 countries, reaching millions through WSM Radio, WWCR (World Wide Country Radio) and streamed live on MusicCityTelevision.com.ย 

Local singers

Dr. Harry Yates was the MC and introduced the musicians.

Bobby Abraham is from Ireland and was in the USA on his honeymoon. Loved his songs and accent. Afterward I asked him if he is a professional singer in Ireland. He said, no, he just sings in churches.

Russ Roberts shared a short testimony and sang a few songs.

Of course cowboy hats are used for offering plates in a cowboy church. ๐Ÿ™‚

Joanne Cash Yates sang a song before the message.

She is the wife of Dr. Harry Yates (the preacher) and younger sister of Johnny Cash. Her hair is a bit unusual (white in the front and black/gray in the back). However, it is not blue. The blue is from the lights. ๐Ÿ™‚ She is a delightful, friendly lady. She talked to me a bit before the service – when I had no clue who she was.

Dr. Yates preached a sermon on getting weary. “How do you react when you are weary and people “push your buttons? Aren’t you glad God never gets weary of our requests and needs.

It was a short but challenging message.


We went across the street to Gaylord Opryland Hotel for lunch. I will post those pictures tomorrow evening.

Our Saturday in Tennessee – Part 3

Saturday Evening, August 26

After taking Kayla home for a family event, Cerwin, Hezekiah, and I went to Riverview Restaurant & Marina for supper.

Part of the Nashville skyline – on the way to Ashland City.

Hezekiah watching the activity outside the restaurant.

The Cumberland River

We watched a variety of boats go by as we enjoyed supper.

ย This one came to the dock.

It’s a treat to watch the activity on a river while eating a meal. Our meals are usually enjoyed with a view of northern Lancaster County farmland in Pennsylvania.

Our Saturday in Tennessee – Part 2

Saturday afternoon, August 26

After Marcy Jo’s Meal House & Bakery, we picked up Heze’s friend Kayla and went to the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon,

Kayla and Heze in front of a pretty quilt.

We were impressed with the beautiful displays in the large exhibition center.


Poultry and rabbit displays in Poultry Barn “I”.

When outside the building we saw this “Abraham Lincoln” several times. I am not sure if he was doing something special that day or just walking around in Fiddlers Grove Historical Village.

I had noticed this village online when looking up things to do in the area surrounding Nashville and didn’t know that it was going to fit into the fair.

It was fun walking through this historic village.

This would have been fun to watch, but we were not there during a show.

I enjoying watching this old fashioned method of turning sorghum into syrup.

It gets boiled down in a method similar to maple syrup with a taste similar to molasses.

I found my favorite Dr. Seuss quote at a woodworkers stand.

The forge

We were disappointed to miss the fiddlers competition, but glad to watch a few guys just “fiddling around.”

That was a fun afternoon. Thanks, Kayla, for showing us around and explaining some of the things.

Our Saturday in Tennessee – Part 1

Saturday morning, August 26

We enjoyed morning coffee in Hezekiah’s basement apartment.

Then we began an all-day road trip with several stops.

First we went to a nearby motorcycle shop where Heze purchased saddlebags for his motorcycle.

He gave the box to Cerwin so his arms were free to try out a motorcycle that was for sale.

Of course he asked for a key and took it for a ride.

He was all smiles to try it.

He decided to think about it for a week. We received a Facebook photo after we got home saying he had purchased it the following Saturday.

Cerwin liked this Edsel police car on display at the gas station next to the cycle shop.

From there Heze took us to see where he works.

He works for Central Lift Maintenance Group as a chassis mechanic.

I was pleased that going to Marcy Jo’s for brunch fit in our schedule.

We had often seen this little restaurant on the Joey and Rory Show on RFD TV. Marcy Jo is Rory’s sister. We followed their show more closely after Joey and Rory had cute little Indy – a down syndrome daughter and Joey was diagnosed with cancer and died in early 2016.

Our view of this very busy, quaint, little restaurant from our table in the back of the room – looking toward the front door.

A waitress offered to take a picture with me in it.

Cerwin’s sausage gravy and eggs

Heze opted for lunch with sweet potato fries and a pork loin sandwich.

My egg and bacon sandwich

I enjoyed the front porch while Cerwin paid the bill.

We certainly enjoyed that brunch stop.

We went up the road a short distance to see Rory’s farm.

Joey and Rory used to hold concerts in this barn. I think it is mostly used for a cowboy church since Joey’s death.


Our next stop was to pick up Hezekiah’s friend, Kayla, and go to the county fair.

Continuing Our Trip

Friday, August 25

On the road again – headed toward Tennessee.

It was a beautiful day to travel through Kentucky horse country – enjoying coffee “with an attitude” from the motel restaurant.

Traveling across a river that was giving off morning fog.

We had a delicious breakfast at an interesting, small truck stop restaurant that advertised “Mamma’s Home Cooking” then turned our RAV4 toward Nashville.

At first we thought there was a vehicle fire, then as we got closer, noticed they were controlled road work fires.

Our goal for this part of our trip was the Antioch TA Travel Plaza on the outskirts of Nashville.

Cerwin had purchased several bottles of truck wash/polish to brighten up the truck stop side of this chapel.

I polished what I could reach from the ground while he cleaned the air conditioners and polished from a ladder.

It was rewarding to make a difference in the appearance of the chapel.

We knew there wouldn’t be any chaplain on duty during our visit, but we plan to visit with two of them on our way home.

Cerwin preparing to use his compressor to blow dirt and dust out of the air conditioners.

Polishing the higher part of the chapel.

We were pleased that the dark part and lettering looked brighter after two hours.


Then we were on to Ashland City – northwest of Nashville – the real reason for this road trip.

But you will have to wait until tomorrow evening.

Country Drive in Kentucky

Thursday Evening, August 24

Following our visit to the Ark Encounter, we went to the motel we had reserved on online – prior to our trip – and were a bit concerned when we saw a small building with individual outside entrances. However, the minute we opened our door we felt welcomed by the personal touch of the owner.

How many times does your motel room have a personal note, snack bars, and bottled water?

We loved our little, clean room. Probably the reason it had a good online rating.

After getting our things settled in our room, Cerwin asked what I wanted to do until suppertime.

I said, “Let’s find some country roads.”

It’s not often that we find one-lane country roads.

We spent the next hour-and-a-half on a lot of one-lane roads – with little traffic, and when we met a car, one of us had to pull off to the side of the road.

Oh, it was good for my soul.

I love a country drive.


You will have to stay tuned to learn the real reason for this trip. The visits to Creation Museum and Ark Encounter were only stops along the way.

Ark Encounter – Part 3

Thursday Afternoon, August 24

A few pictures from the gift shops at the end of the Ark Encounter tour and the village surrounding the ark.

Gift shops at the end of the tour of the ark.

There was a variety of choices of things to do at the end of the tour. It was lunchtime, so we chose Emzara’s Kitchen.

It was a large buffet dining room. The food was very good.

It was a beautiful day, so we took our dessert to an outside table overlooking the ark.

After a lunch break we were ready to walk to the petting zoo.

Emus are another one of God’s interesting creations. ๐Ÿ™‚

Interesting feet

Following our tour of the petting zoo, we walked through the village of shops.

He was pleased to pose for me.

Everything is made to look a bit like Bible times.


I thoroughly enjoyed this place.

Ark Encounter – Part 2

Thursday, August 24

One interesting thing about the first floor (near the entrance area) is hearing the sound of a storm on the outside.

It was fascinating and interesting to observe the cages and sometimes hear the sounds of birds or animals. There were no live animals on the ark except at the petting zoo area – I think on the third floor.

There is a lot of walking, but if you are concerned about that, scooters or wheelchairs can be rented or you can bring your own.

Prayer Time

One thing in which I thought the designers excelled was bringing out the personality of the eight people on the ark.

Cerwin was fascinated with the construction and food and water supply.

There was a wide variety of pens and storage areas.

There was an area with an explanation of what kind of animals the architects thought were on the ark.

The designers expected that there was a workshop/tool area. I never thought about that, but I expect repairs had to be made during the year they were on the ark.

The living quarters was my favorite part of the ark.

This is where personalities were displayed.

Noah and the dove he released.

We spent two hours inside the ark, but didn’t go into a lot of the side rooms where research was explained. We did sit down and enjoy two movies. I expect if you read all the research and watched the movies, you could spend another two hours inside the ark.

I loved this place and would go through it again. There was lots of information for those who like details and historical research.


Tomorrow night I will show you around the “village” that surrounds the ark.

The Ark Encounter – Part 1

Thursday, August 24

Because I took a lot of photos of this experience, I chose to first tell you a bit about our arrival.

Someone had a lot of forethought for this. The parking lot (room for thousands of cars – a website says 4,000) is where we arrived about 10:00 am.

The ark can be seen across the parking lot.

We purchased tickets online, so could go through a green entry area to get arm bands and a shuttle bus.

Our driver told us they have fourteen shuttle busses.

We didn’t see all fourteen, but none seemed to be alike in decoration.

The Ark Encounter experience is a lot more than visiting the ark. It is a village.

Our morning view of the ark. I liked this view because of the clear sky and reflection in the lake.

We found a lady who was willing to take our picture.

This was our midafternoon view which was pretty because of the sky. However, the reflection wasn’t as sharp. The structure on the right is part of the zipline.

This sign made me smile – reminding us to stay on the path.

There were several pairs of animal structures as we approached the ark.

We didn’t meet anyone we knew, but the man carrying the stool/cane and his wife, to his far right were originally from Lancaster County and worked for farmers and trucking companies in our area before moving to Missouri many years ago. We talked to them several times during the day as we went through the ark.

The landscaping around the area is beautiful.

Tomorrow I will show you some pictures of the interior.

Creation Museum โ€“ Part 2

Wednesday, August 23

The grounds outside Creation Museum are beautiful – especially on a sunny, warm, late summer day.

The lighting on this flower was a bit shaded, but I like that the shot captured a bee.

In this photo you can see part of the zipline challenge course.

The petting zoo is in the middle of the walk through the gardens.

Wallabies are animals that look like God used a few leftovers when making them. ๐Ÿ™‚

A cow looks pretty ordinary to me.

After leaving the petting zoo we were in the next section of gardens.

I like swinging bridges.

Across the lake from the museum

The bridge was closed for repair, so we had to go back through the petting zoo.

This time the camel was out – checking on the people.

I think he/she is the one used for camel rides.

What an interesting animal.

Getting a scent on me.

I wonder what it is thinking?

I’m not sure what it means when they hold their heads up extremely high.

Checking the area for grass and grain.

Look at those feet.

Cerwin took a picture of us – the camel and me – with his cell phone.

Leaving the petting zoo

Pretty berries that I did not notice on the first walk through the gardens.

Leaving the museum

Cerwin told me to choose a restaurant on our GPS. The first one that came up was Riverwatch. It sounded interesting so we followed the directions to Lawrenceburg, Indiana. I think it was about three or four miles from the museum.

Loved the uniqueness of this location on the Indiana side of the Ohio River.

Our table was on the left in the open area of the restaurant.

The view above us.

The view behind me.

The view to my left. There were also restaurant tables on the dock to the right.

We enjoyed watching boats go by. This one docked behind us and the people came into the restaurant to eat.

The ducks were hoping for restaurant crumbs.

Cerwin’s hamburger That is an onion ring between the bacon and cheese.

My shrimp

I chose a small entrรฉe (appetizer) so I could enjoy a piece of key lime pie.

A tug and barge came by as we were enjoying dessert.

Leaving a most delightful atmosphere behind us.

It was difficult to imagine that the river got this high.

The blue tag – high water mark – is that blue plaque on the upper right. The river below is where we had supper.

Our motel – on the outskirts of Lawrenceburg – was a welcome place at the end of a full day.

Our next day visit was the Ark Encounter.

Come back to see the pictures from that visit.