A Quick Trip to Greensboro – Part 2

Wednesday, April 13

1Cerwin got right to work after we arrived at the chapel which is located at the TA at Exit 138 on I-85/I-40 and Highway 61 in Greensboro, NC.

1aThe first thing he did was clean the air conditioner.


2While he did that I admired the colorful trucks as I walked to the truck stop for a Pepsi for him and a sweet tea for me.


3 (1)When I got back he was working on a vent to see if there was proper air circulation.

3 (2)

3aThen he checked the roof where he found the problem with water leakage during rain storms. There was an area where a line of rivets had rusted off allowing an area of the roof to separate.

3bWhile he tightened and sealed the roof, I sat at a picnic table and enjoyed reading a Life-Beautiful Magazine.

DSC_0072A bird serenaded me most of the time I was there.


DSC_0081Chaplain Tony was not there when we arrived due to having to get two grandchildren at school.

DSC_0085We had a great visit before he took the children home and we left for our motel in Winston-Salem.

Tomorrow night I will show you picture of our trip home.

A Quick Trip to Greensboro – Part 1

Wednesday, April 13

DSC_0013We left the house just after 5:00 AM and were at the West Virginia line by 6:50 AM.

This trip was so Cerwin could make a few repairs on the chapel at the Greensboro, North Carolina, TA.


DSC_0017It has been a long time since we traveled south on Route 81, so I enjoyed this trip.

DSC_0018I am always blessed when I see signs of someone’s faith in Jesus when we travel.

DSC_0022Signs of springtime made the trip quite beautiful by the time we reached the Virginia hills.

DSC_0024Breakfast in Toms Brook, Virginia.

DSC_0025Redbud trees lined the interstate.

DSC_0027A creative water tower.

DSC_0028Truckers always get my attention and prayers when we travel – especially those with large loads.



DSC_0033This country girl enjoys seeing cattle in the fields.

DSC_0037Some pretty redbuds at a rest stop.



DSC_0046Forty-seven miles to go.

DSC_0043Springtime looks good here.

DSC_0048This area is about a week or two ahead of us in leaves and blossoms.

DSC_0051We arrived at the Greensboro TA at 12:45.

More about that tomorrow night.

Chapel Setup Pictures From Ocala, Florida

Monday, August 3

These pictures were emailed to me yesterday – by Chaplain John Grove. He will be the lead chaplain on this chapel.

WP_20150801_002This picture appears to have been taken from the setup on Saturday – before the missions conference in Lady Lake.

WP_20150803_003Cerwin and Glenn installing a door awning yesterday after taking the chapel to the truck stop in Ocala.

WP_20150803_004Installing a window awning.

WP_20150803_005Installation finished – Doug Kraus, Cerwin, and Glenn

WP_20150803_006Doug is TFC’s Director of Location Development. He and Ellen live in Lady Lake, Florida.

20150803_111239Doug Kraus and Chaplain John Grove after installation was finished at Pilot Travel Center, I-75, Exit 358, Ocala, Florida.. (This photo was taken by Cerwin.)

WP_20150803_007Mission accomplished! Cerwin and Glenn heading north with the truck.

20150803_201817Cerwin and Glenn spent last night at Columbia 20 Travel Plaza, Columbia, South Carolina, where TFC has a chapel – and enjoyed supper with Chaplain Ted and Tammy Keller.

I just talked to Cerwin this morning. They are on their way north and if all goes well, will be home by suppertime today.

Please Pray For the Ocala, Florida, Chapel Delivery

Thursday, July 30

20150729_125544The newest TFC chapel is on its way to Florida – from Marietta, Pennsylvania. Cerwin took this picture yesterday after pulling it out of TFC’s shop.

Pray for Cerwin and Glenn Fahnestock as they make this delivery – first to Tri County Baptist Church, Lady Lake, Florida, for their Missions Conference on Sunday, August 2, then on to Pilot Travel Center, I-75, Exit 358, Ocala, Florida, on Monday, which will be its permanent location.

Ocala, Florida, Chapel Construction Update

1 (1)Living Quarters cabinets

2 (1)Adding the crosses

2 (2)

2aRohrer’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning’s skilled team installing the heating and cooling system.


2b (1)Thanks Larry and Scott. Our Florida chaplains will appreciate this system.

2b (2)

3 (1)Yesterday it was lettered by Eckert Signs, Inc.

Thanks Charlie. Your employees are the best.

3 (2)They do a fabulous job for us – always.

4This morning Cerwin picked up the chapel at Stiegel Valley Flooring. This view is the carpeted area of the living quarters – looking toward the chapel.

7-8-15 (1)The brand new vinyl floor in the chapel area.

We are blessed to have Jay and his staff in our neighborhood. They make our chapel floors look good.


Cerwin and Glenn Fahnestock plan to leave for Florida on Thursday, July 30, to be at a church’s missions conference near Ocala on August 2. The chapel will be placed at the truck stop in Ocala on Monday, August 3.

That week does not fit my schedule, so Glenn is pleased to go in my place.

Road Trip – Part 5 – Thunder Bay & TFC Banquet


Saturday, April 11

Banquet (1)Waiting for breakfast with Dennis (Director of TFC’s Canadian Ministires) and Janet and Sam (Lead Chaplain at Pass Lake) in our motel dining room (Victoria Inn Hotel) in Thunder Bay.

Banquet (2)The pool – next to the restaurant – made me miss our grandchildren. They would enjoy this pool – especially the younger ones.

Banquet (3)Cerwin, Dennis, and I relaxed in our motel rooms for the next few hours before meeting Sam and Janet at the Italian Cultural Centre in Thunder Bay to set up for the evening banquet.

Banquet (5)

Banquet (4)

Banquet (6)The music group – Shaver Music Company – set up and adjusted their sound board while we put literature and donation envelopes on the tables.

Banquet (7)

Banquet (8)

Banquet (9)Janet going over details

Banquet (10)She created pretty candle centerpieces.

Banquet (11)Dennis, Cerwin, and Sam finalize plans and relax until people begin arriving.

Banquet (12)Shaver Music Company finalize sound and preparations for their part of the evening.

Banquet (13)

Banquet (14)

Banquet (15)

Banquet (16)Time to light candles.

Banquet (17)

Banquet (19)

Banquet (18)Chaplain Sam welcomed everyone and called Pastor David Kimball (Lakehead Baptist Church) to the podium to ask a blessing on the food and the evening.

Banquet (20)Enjoying the delicious spaghetti supper.

Banquet (21)

Banquet (22)

Banquet (24)I enjoyed the gospel music – mostly original tunes – by this group.

Banquet (25)

Banquet (26)Chaplain Sam told us how God led him and Janet to Thunder Bay – from Edmonton, Alberta.

Banquet (27)He also gave a short update on the work at Pass Lake Flying J Travel Plaza.

Banquet (28)Cerwin told the audience about the construction of the Pass Lake chapel.

Banquet (29)Dennis reminded everyone that TFC is a donor-funded ministry and the value of everyone’s prayers and financial gifts.

Banquet (30)Janet thanked everyone for coming and bringing their friends and family.

Banquet (31)Charlie Wilson (Nation at Prayer) closed this delightful evening with prayer.

Banquet (32)We were honored to be here for the 1st Annual Ministry Banquet.

Road Trip – Part 4 – Duluth to Thunder Bay

Friday, April 10

Duluth to Thunder Bay (1)We went up to the 15th floor of our hotel to enjoy breakfast in the revolving restaurant.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (2)Cerwin’s oatmeal.

Neither of us was very hungry since we had a large meal here the night before, but we wanted to see the city and Lake Superior in the morning light.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (3)My fruit

Duluth to Thunder Bay (4)The morning sun was so bright, it was difficult to take good pictures toward the lake without getting reflections from the windows.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (20)The barge that was docked last night was now going out to sea.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (26)I would have liked to see the drawbridge working from this vantage point, but we didn’t see any tall ships approaching.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (5)The city was coming alive.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (6)Vehicles with people who were going home from work last night, are now returning to the city.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (11)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (12)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (7)There weren’t many people in the restaurant, and we didn’t have to be in Thunder Bay until evening, so we enjoyed a relaxing hour (plus) with coffee and a fabulous view.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (8)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (9)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (14)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (10)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (13)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (15)Cerwin and our waitress discussing the construction next to the hotel.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (16)This is going to be an eleven-story business complex.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (17)There were lots of things going on as we watched.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (18)There is a person in this cab – high above the city – assisting with what ever is needed below.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (19)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (21)He picked up this large piece of construction material and lowered it right where the workmen wanted it.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (22)Then he moved on to his next project of picking up something or depositing trash in a large bin at street level.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (23)There were cement trucks on two sides of the building forcing cement to the floor where the men were working.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (24)The cement was coming up through the long red piping on the left.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (28)Our view of the bridge over which we entered the city the day before.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (25)I could get used to this kind of relaxing life. 🙂

Duluth to Thunder Bay (27)But, it was time to move on…

Duluth to Thunder Bay (29)…go down the elevator a few floors – around the circular hallway – take our suitcases to the car – and head north.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (30)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (31)We could see Lake Superior almost the entire drive to the Canadian border.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (32)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (33)Because there isn’t much traffic and a lot of no-passing lanes, we followed this driver for a long time – probably an hour.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (34)Occasionally we met other drivers.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (35)This truck was behind us for about the same length of time we followed the red one – until we stopped for a break.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (36)It was a beautiful drive, and nice to see something other than lake now and then.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (37)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (38)We decided that this driver must have a mud lane, and when he/she turned left, we saw a really long dirt road.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (39)The farther north we traveled, the more we saw snow and ice.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (40)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (41)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (42)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (43)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (44)

Duluth to Thunder Bay (45)A Thunder Bay mountain.

After unpacking our suitcases at the motel, Cerwin called Chaplain Sam, who said they were having supper at the truck stop, so we headed to Pass Lake  – maybe 20 to 30 minutes from Thunder Bay.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (46)There it is – the chapel we delivered in October.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (47)We had a great time visiting with Sam and Janet and catching up on each other’s lives.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (48)We couldn’t get a good view of Lake Superior in this area, but asked Sam and Janet if it was still frozen – as it appeared – and they said it was.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (49)We headed back to Thunder Bay – and our motel – as the sun slowly set in the western horizon.

Duluth to Thunder Bay (50)It was another amazing day on God’s fabulous earth.

Road Trip – Part 2 – Terre Haute – To East St Louis – To Rochelle

Wednesday, April 8

1 (1)On the road again.

1 (2)A cloud formation

1 (3)Truckers love this flat stretch of highway in Illinois.

1 (5)I look forward to seeing this cross in Effingham.

1 (6)

1 (7)

1 (8)

1 (9)There was still a faint moon at 8:30 AM.

1 (10)As we approached East St Louis, we saw many signs of spring.

1 (11)

1 (12)I can’t resist old barns.

1 (13)Our only sighting of the Arch.

1 (14)Our destination for the morning near East St. Louis.

1 (15)We stopped to install a new air conditioner.

1 (16)Cerwin and Chaplain Dan carrying it to the chapel.

Dan woke up one morning to a loud crash – when the air conditioner fell out of the living quarter’s window. He thinks someone was trying to steal it since air conditioners don’t usually just fall out of windows.

1 (17)While they worked I admired the green grass – and my first dandelion of the year.

1 (18)I am not sure what this delicate flower/weed is, but it was pretty to me because I have not seen many flowers yet this spring.

1 (19)Cerwin unloading some tools.

1 (20)

1 (24)

1 (25)Literature in the chapel area.

1 (21)I enjoyed the beautiful 70 degree weather while sitting on the deck, watching trucks, and listening to the sounds of a truck stop.

Truck stops are rarely silent as trucks are constantly fueling and moving around the property.

1 (27)The scene at the fuel island changes every few minutes as trucks fuel and move on up or down the road.

1 (23)Cherry blossoms are blooming in East St. Louis.

1 (22)I wonder if this trailer is full of bubble gum. I can’t imagine an entire trailer of bubble gum.

1 (26)Cleaning the air conditioner in the chapel area.

1 (28)I asked Chaplain Dan to pose for a few pictures before we left.

1 (29)

1 (30)

1 (31)Saying goodbye

1 (33)Going by the cherry trees I saw earlier.

1 (32)

1 (34)Heading north to Rochelle

1 (35)We got into heavy rain – where flashers were needed for several minutes and some people pulled to the side of the road.

1 (36)When only 4 tires fit onto a trailer, you know they are very large.

1 (37)Two similar trucks were following each other – each with only 4 tires.

1 (38)

1 (39)Our destination for the evening – the Petro near Rochelle, Illinois.

2We enjoyed a great evening meal with Chaplain Jay and Karen.

Thanks, Karen, for coming out to the truck stop just because we were there. After supper she went home to care for a new puppy, Cerwin enjoyed a 7 PM Bible study in the chapel with Jay and several drivers, and I went back to our motel room – across the street from the chapel – to walk on the treadmill, blog, and relax.

DSC_8651It was a great day!


This is the area where the tornado hit the next night. Chaplain Jay and several drivers stood in the parking lot and watched it go by – just north of the truck stop.

Now that I know everything is okay with the chapel and truck stop, I wish we had been a day later. It would have been fun to photograph that. 🙂

Home From Pass Lake – Day One

Wednesday, October 29

DSC_1730Just as we prepared to leave the motel this morning (8:30), a Canadian policeman came up to us to check Cerwin’s log book and the truck.

Everything was okay. 🙂

DSC_1734It was a beautiful drive to the border.



DSC_1750We were the only ones going south into the USA. Maybe that is why we had to get out of the truck, go inside, and answer a lot of questions. The female office was very gracious, then got inside our truck to make sure we were not bringing anything into the states that is illegal.

DSC_1755Twenty minutes later we were on our way and back in our home country.

It took us almost as long to cross the border with only a truck as it did with the chapel attached. 🙂

DSC_1760The drive from the border to Duluth was filled with beautiful scenery as we followed Lake Superior.



DSC_1778Three hours later we were on Wisconsin interstate.












DSC_1813Cerwin decided to bypass the Chicago area and go south to Rochelle, Illinois – stopping there for the night.




DSC_1839We surprised Chaplain Jay LeRette when we met in the doorway of the truck stop.

DSC_1844After a quick supper at the restaurant buffet, we went to the 7:00 PM chapel service. Two more drivers joined us after I took this picture.

DSC_1848Jay shared a challenging message on the importance of making a decision to follow Christ – a decision that changes our destiny – Heaven or Hell.


DSC_1852We enjoyed meeting Igor in the chapel. He is originally from the Netherlands and now lives in Canada.

He stops at TFC chapels whenever he can and knows most of our Canadian chaplains.

It was a good day.

Pass Lake Chapel Setup ~ Day 2

Tuesday, October 28

1 (1)I posted early yesterday, so have a few pictures left over from Monday’s work on the chapel. The guys installed three awnings – two doors and one window.

1 (2)Dennis installing a venetian blind in the living quarters.

1 (3)Cerwin watching as Dennis and Sam put the microwave in place.

1aSam hanging a light fixture in the chapel area.

1bLots of empty boxes.

This what the chapel looked like after a day of installing lights, shelves, and appliances.

1cThe guys checked cell phone messages and waited while Janet prepared supper in their home.

We enjoyed a delicious meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and cheese cake.

Thanks Sam and Janet.

2 (1)One of the first things the men did this morning was set up the steps.

2 (2)It was a rainy day, so they were glad they had done most of the outside work yesterday.

2 (4)

2 (5)Carol (standing) one of the truck stop owners stopped by to talk to us while we were having coffee. When I asked if I could take her picture, she said if she can stand behind Sam and Janet.

2 (6)

2 (8)Her husband, Ron, (the other owner) stopped by a short time later as he took a load of milk to the kitchen.

2 (9)We were impressed with their friendly and gracious personalities.

2cThe men were finished with what they could do by early afternoon and began putting Cerwin’s tools away.

The electrician must come and hook up the electric according to Canadian guidelines.

2d (2)The owners and electrician have not yet decided if this will be the final setting for the chapel. They like it here because of the visibility, but they have to make sure they have the right electric hookup here.

They will also have to do some work at this area if it stays here because of the mud on rainy days.

There is another possibility for the chapel to be placed closer to the building. It would be on asphalt, but it would not be as visible from the road.

2d (3)

2d (4)View from the road.

2d (5)Our final look at the chapel and truck stop as we left for our motel in Thunder Bay.

2d (6)It is still cold and rainy.

2d (7)We enjoyed a wonderful meal and evening with Dennis, Janet, and Sam at Montana’s Cookhouse in Thunder Bay. Cerwin and Dennis got steak, Sam and I got pot roast, and Janet had fried chicken and waffles. I had my first Yorkshire pudding – which came with my meal. It was similar to a unfilled cream puff and could be eaten with gravy or butter.

2d (8)

2d (9)Sam’s Mile High Mud Pie

2d (10)Janet’s Upside Down Pineapple Cake

2d (11)Cerwin and Dennis got apple crisp.

Cerwin had his with blueberry topping. I had a few spoonfuls of this and a taste of Sam’s dessert.


When the evening was over, and we said our goodbyes, we decided that the time here had gone too quickly. Maybe we can come back for the chapel dedication in April.

We will be heading toward home in the morning.