A Rainy Day

Tuesday, March 28

We had a few rainy days this week – Tuesday being one of them.

I love a rainy day – as long as I can stay inside.

I guess “drippy” is a good description of the day.

Then, as always happens, the rain stopped, and the birds came looking for food.

A Beautiful Rainbow

Friday Evening, October 21

3-1Because of a beautiful evening sky, I walked outside in the rain to get a few pictures.


2After taking this picture, I turned around to walk toward the house and saw a beautiful rainbow.





dsc_8722Then, almost as quickly as it arrived, it was gone. I think it lasted only one or two minutes.

A Variety of Summer Happenings

The last week of July


July 22

7-22 (1)I’d rather see a hummingbird.

7-22 (2A)Hey, squirrel that is my chair.

7-22 (3)It is so warm these days that the suet is melting.


July 25

7-25 1A rain like this in summertime makes farmers smile.

7-25 2

7-25 3It also makes our flowers smile.

7-25 4The sun is shinning and it’s still raining – a sure mix to create a rainbow.

7-25 5 (2)

7-25 3AAbove our house.

7-25 6I had to walk down the road to get a better view.

7-25 7

7-25-16 (9)


July 27

7-27 A (2)Sunset



July 29

7-29 (1)Breakfast

I love having fresh, local fruit for breakfast. There is no better way to eat fruit than when it has never been in a refrigerator.

One of the Ever-Changing Days of Summer

DSC_2896Three squirrels!

Now I know why the bird feeders are being emptied so quickly.

DSC_2898Debbie, do you need any more pets!

DSC_3122When I noticed that rain was coming, I went outside with my camera and was surprised to be standing in sunshine and hearing the pelting of rain on my brothers’ barn roof just a quarter mile away.


DSC_3130The rain is coming across the cornfield.


DSC_3143It was interesting to be standing in rain and seeing a bright sky in the east.


DSC_3147Then it was over – just like a large rotating sprinkler had gone through our woodlot.







DSC_3118I have seen hummingbirds all summer but have rarely gotten a photo of them.

DSC_3117A male

DSC_3168A female

DSC_3170One of the beautiful, ever-changing days of summer.

Morning After Rain

Tuesday, May 21

After the rain (1)Every now and then there is a morning that takes my breath away.

After the rain (2)

After the rain (3)

After the rain (4)

After the rain (5)This is the area we cleaned up the day before. If you look in the background – just a bit right of center – you can see the remains of the burn pile still smoking.

After the rain (5a)Wet grass

After the rain (6)

After the rain (8)

After the rain (11)

After the rain (12)

After the rain (14)

After the rain (16)I love a beautiful, warm summer morning after rain.