Grandchildren in the House

February 4-9

What fun to have these five grandchildren in the house last week.

With Jared, Jesse, and Ian in school, Lydia at work, and Josiah visiting friends, I almost thought I was not going to get a group picture.

Jared helping grandpa fix the dining area light.

Jesse learning to swallow pills.

He needs to be able to swallow malaria pills when we travel in Africa – and he has trouble swallowing pills. 

His mom sent M & M’s along because the malaria pills are about the same size. I helped encourage the project by telling him that he could eat three every time he swallowed one.

On this day he came to my office and said he wanted to earn thirty M & M’s by swallowing ten of them. He did! We are making progress.

There was snow and ice one day that closed school. We spent the afternoon playing Scum.

We have only one guest room – and Lydia has that because she is currently living here.

Josiah got two air mattresses (to feel a bit like a bed) in our office in the basement.

The three boys each get an air mattress in the carpeted area our garage.


Josiah had a load from Los Angeles, California, to Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and received permission to spend a few days with us. He left on Friday with a load from Reading, Pennsylvania, to someplace in Wisconsin.


What a busy, fun week!

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