Traveling to Maine

Friday, December 29

We left home early for our annual end-of-year drive to Maine to visit our family who moved there just over 31 years ago to help start a new church in the area of Brunswick.

It was a cloudy day, so we weren’t afforded a pretty sunrise.

This was our first drive across the newly finished northbound lanes of the Tappan Zee Bridge – which crosses the Hudson River in New York.

It amazes me that men and women can design and build bridges that span a three-mile wide river.

When leaving the rest stop near Darien, CT, where we stopped for breakfast, I noticed the lettering on this truck. It kind of tells me something about the heart of this truck driver.

Our traveling companion for this trip was our oldest daughter Diane, who came to Pennsylvania just before Christmas – with friends from their church who came to Pennsylvania for Christmas. She was here to enjoy time with their daughters Abby and Lydia, son-in-law, Nathaniel, and grandson Anthony. She also enjoyed spending time with their truck driver son, Josiah, who spent the week at our house.

Cerwin was driving under the medication of Motrin due to a very sore neck muscle. He thinks it happened when he helped to move a heavy object.

Diane introduced us to the music of Brackin and Lindsay Kirkland.

I especially enjoyed “It is Well” which was recorded in a silo.

You can listen to it here:

Go to the YouTube link for the song “It is Well” or any one of their songs.

The farther north we traveled, the more it looked like winter.

As we neared New Hampshire we got into a light wintry mix of snow.


We carefully passed Department of Transportation trucks that were putting sand on the highway.

They were in every lane – appropriately spaced so they didn’t block the interstate.

Usual scenery in Maine in the wintertime.

Low tide

We were now off the interstate and on local roads heading toward their house.

I love the Maine countryside.


We got to their place about 4 p.m. – in time for a light supper. Mark was still on the road, but arrived home later in the evening.

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