Christmas Eve – Evening

Cerwin, Diane, Lydia and I were invited to Nate and Abby’s for a light supper. (Josiah was attending another Christmas dinner.)

We took soup and ingredients for grilled cheese sandwiches while Abby made hors d’oeuvres.

These were made with brie cheese, jelly and nuts.

While they baked and we prepared the soup and sandwiches, Great-grandpa and Anthony played a game.

Abby made the sandwiches with a panini press.

The finished hors d’oeuvres were delicious.

Lydia came after work. Anthony had gotten a fireman’s hat earlier in the day and insisted that Grammy Diane wear it.

Nathaniel and Cerwin checking out something on the cell phone.

There were a few gifts.

These were specially shaped pasta from Maine.

The shapes were things like moose and bear.

Showing them to his parents

A gift for his parents.

Something for Anthony

Looks like some books – from Pappy and Grammy

A gift for Lydia

Anthony wanted a close up shot of his mouth. 🙂

Diane’s new socks from another event.

Checking out a selfie


It was also nice to see Nate and Abby’s place as they had recently exchanged houses with his parents. They are now in the farm house while Dale and Luanne are in the apartment at her mother’s place.

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