Teen Central Banquet

Thursday Evening, November 2

Jared, our niece’s husband volunteers here – which was our connection to this banquet.

Teen Central is a local center that cares for Manheim’s young people who need mentors and a place to meet with friends.

We sat at a table with my sister, Nancy, sister-in-law Anne, and friends from teenage days – Carl and Marian Metzler. We hadn’t seen Carl and Marian for several years, so it was fun catching up on their lives.

Shawn Haldeman opened with the welcome and prayer. He grew up in our neighborhood and still farms his family farm. It was nice to talk to him. We usually just see him on a tractor – in a field that is along our road.

Country Home Catering – Dean and Carole Ziegler catered the delicious meal.

Randy Boll recognized the staff and volunteers and told us about some of the things that are happening at Teen Central.

This was our table. Carl, Marian, and Cerwin. Nancy is in blue across the table from Marian.

This lady shared some of her experiences of being a Bible study leader for the teens.

We enjoyed listening to Rick Stiemling – the evening speaker.

Notes from his message:

  1. Someone, something, needs to get in the way of the kids who have chosen a destructive lifestyle.
  2. Someone needs to show them “The Way.”
  3. Are you a critic or a carer?
  4. Water that doesn’t flow is a swamp.
  5. Be part of changing the trajectory of those who are traveling on a wrong path.

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