A Sunday Afternoon Walk with Mark and Diane

Sunday, October 22

This was three weeks ago – during warmer days – when Mark and Diane were visiting.

Cerwin was in Ohio, preparing for an archery hunt, so it was nice for me to have company on this walk.

Shortly after taking the first picture, Mark and Diane noticed this praying mantis dragging a dead caterpillar across the road.

A pretty flower and moth at the farm.

Diane wanted to see how Larry and Karen updated the house.

We did get to see the house, but spent a lot more time in the barn where Hershey was giving birth to puppies.

These little guys were wet and squealing.

Speaking of squealing – these guys thought I was there to feed them.

Our next stop was above the puppies and pigs – on the second floor – where they raise a large flock of chickens.

Then we walked another 3/4 of a mile to Jere and Kristen’s house. (They live exactly one mile from our house.)

Diane wanted to see the chickens.

I wonder what she was telling her little brother.

They have a fascinating flock of chickens right now.

I love all the feather patterns.

Some appeared that they were ready to roost for the evening.

We were grateful that Jere offered to take us home.

That was a fun and interesting afternoon.

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