Great American Outdoor Show ~ Part 1

Monday, February 6

(Day 3 of my birthday week)

We arrived early so we could park close to the building.

There was already a line, but not too bad.

It was a nice day to stand outside for 3/4 of an hour and talk to people around us.

Before long the line went around the building. We were supposed to stand 5 deep and leave space for the people to walk by us who had to go to another line. This line had tickets. Those who walked by us went to another area to buy tickets.

After getting my bearings and figuring out the shortest distance between the large and small arena – where I spent most of my time while Cerwin visited outfitters and checked out hunting supplies – I bought coffee and a pretzel sandwich and watched the dock dogs in the large arena.

I enjoyed watching this dog. She appeared to be new to a dock, but was familiar with retrieving things from a pool or lake.

Sometimes they threw the object into the water and let her jump in. Other times she was told to stay.

Then it was time to go to the small arena to watch the Birds of Prey show.

I’ll tell you about that tomorrow evening.

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