Sunday Afternoon Visits

Sunday, January 22

Traveling to visit Cerwin’s Aunt Esther took us through one of my favorite areas in Lancaster County – Amish territory.

I understand that most – if not all Amish buggies in our area are gray, with some black trim.

A cute welcome sign near Eli and Sandy’s driveway.

Eli is Aunt Esther’s son. She recently moved in with them for the comfort and peace of mind for all three.

Esther’s husband, Eli, died a few years ago.

Esther is a sister of Cerwin’s dad and is doing well for being eighty-six years old.

We were sorry to miss seeing Eli and Sandy who were visiting her parents at a retirement community near our place. 🙂

As we left her place, Cerwin asked if I wanted to visit our Amish friend Linda and her daughter Anna who live in the same area.

I said, “Yes!”

I didn’t realize we were so close to their house.

We had fun surprising them and had a delightful visit – enjoying coffee and cookies as we caught up on each others lives. (Linda’s husband, Amos, died several years ago.)

As we prepared to leave, we noticed that Linda’s son Alvin, his wife, Mary, and their children were getting the horses and carriages ready to go somewhere. We walked across the street and talked for a few minutes.

If was a cold, rainy afternoon but our hearts felt warm and happy after our afternoon visits.

We traveled home through more Amish and horse & buggy Mennonite territory so there were many windmills in the skyline.

I understand this is a Mennonite family, because the buggy is black and since there is a small sun visor in the front, it may mean this carriage is owned by a preacher.

There must have been a lot of Amish and Mennonite activities for the evening because we saw many carriages before getting home.

I am glad Cerwin suggested visiting his Aunt Esther.

We felt blessed.

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