Ladies Fellowship ~ Part 3

Saturday, January 21

Jess introduced and prayed for Barb and Joan before they spoke to us on the subject: Joy? In This Mess!

Joan (the younger sister) spoke first – giving us many reasons to smile.

She and Barb took turns throughout the morning as they shared subjects like: Joy in the Mundane, Joy in Hard Places, Joy in Sorrow, Spreading Joy.

Joy is a deep abiding presence.

Learning to laugh at ourselves.

She shared the funniest story of the day when she recalled a time when one of her children answered the phone and handed it to her saying, “It’s Dad.”

Joan though it strange that he was calling, since he had just left the house for a hunting trip. She answered with some sweet – husband/wife – talk.

There was a long silence – then a young, single man from their church responded, “No one ever talked to me like that.” 🙂

She said they still laugh about it now and then.

Remember God’s faithfulness.

Focus on Joy

Comparison is a joy robber: If only I had what she has. If only my children were as well behaved as hers. If only…if only.

This picture was put on the screen to make us smile.

At first I thought it was from a mission trip to a first nations reserve in Canada in the ’80s when Joan was with our team, but mine is a bit different.

Pain is not the enemy of Joy.

Enjoy laughter


A skit about listening to negative or positive input with Anna, Joan, and Ruthie.

Every now and then Barb entered the room “singing in the rain.”

They closed the skit by joining in a song about “singing in the rain.”

Spreading Joy does not require money.

Choose “front row joy.”

The last subject was Joy in Sorrow

During this section she shared the story of a man who was a refiner of silver.

When the man was asked how he knew when the silver is finished, he said, “When I can see my reflection in it.”

That what God wants from us. He wants to see His reflection in us.

They closed by praying a prayer of joy and blessing on the ladies in the audience.

Kim made a few closing remarks before dismissing us.

It was a fabulous morning. Thanks to the committee, cooks, and Barb and Joan.

We were treated like queens.

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