Planning a Truck Rally & Dinner Concert

Sunday, January 8

The Pennsylvania Truck Rally Committee met on Sunday afternoon to fine-tune details for this year’s rally on Saturday, June 24.

There were lots of good ideas for continuing to make it a special day to honor the drivers and their family.

Our son Jere and his wife, Kristen, oversee this meeting and the rally day.

Randy and Karen (left) are their assistants and add a lot of insight due to their trucking experience.

The next day we received the LargeCarMag magazine in the mail and because we wanted to make sure the committee saw the article, I asked Steve and Michelle for permission to reprint it or quote from it.

Read the first paragraph to understand why we wanted the committee to see it. 🙂


Cerwin and I provided supper, then we had a Lancaster Dinner Concert meeting…

For this meeting we only have to plan the menu and a few minor details.

If you live in our area – or want to come to our area – check out the poster for information.

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