Monday in Maine

Monday, January 2

After our visit to Cabela’s in Scarborough we enjoyed a delicious early lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ at the other end of the parking lot.

A patron saw me taking the previous picture and offered to take one with me in it.

Diane’s lunch

Hezekiah’s meal

Cerwin’s chili and baked potato

My corn and brisket

From there we went to see where Heze works as a big rig mechanic.

Then we went to Heze’s apartment to get a tool that he and Cerwin needed to make an adjustment on a new bed frame in a guest room at Mark and Diane’s house.

Our last stop was Nsimba and Elizabeth’s apartment – on the second floor.

It was nice to see where they live. We are standing in the kitchen.

Icicles at one of their neighbor’s house.

Supper at Mark and Diane’s house included Brussels sprouts.

Our contribution to the meal was ham loaf from Lancaster County – a favorite of theirs.

Hezekiah, Lydia, Nsimba, Elizabeth

When supper was put away, they opened gifts from their sister Abby and her husband Nathaniel – packages that we brought from Pennsylvania.

After playing a gift game of Now-You-Have-It-Now-You-Don’t, we played Golf.

Hannah and Cerwin

My red socks from Lydia. She is modeling her blue ones.

It was a great day in Maine.

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