Cabela’s With Jere & Their Boys

Friday, December 30

Jere had some gift cards and asked us to go along to Cabela’s. He especially wanted his dad’s advice on a gun.

Ian, Jared, Jesse, and Cerwin. Josh and Jere were behind me.

If you are familiar with the Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA, you know where this moose is located. The end of the check-out line was back to the moose!

We decided it wasn’t worth the wait to buy anything trivial. They didn’t have the gun Jere wanted, so we didn’t have to wait in line. 🙂

I had fun with the three younger boys while Cerwin, Jere, and Josh looked at guns.

It’s always fun to browse in a Cabela’s store.

2 thoughts on “Cabela’s With Jere & Their Boys

  1. I was there once. Kinda got lost on the way, quite a hike from the Lancaster City area. Huge store though. Got a hoodie for my son. Got a gift card & decided to use it on him. I’m not a hunter, nor much of a fisherman (though I do prefer it to hunting), so I can’t use most of what they sell. Was an interesting experience.

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