Our Family Christmas Meal

Sunday, December 4

We planned our family Christmas celebration for the first Sunday in December because there are so many other family dinners that involve our children and grandchildren.

I was pleased that it suited each of our Pennsylvania children and grandchildren. I set the table for 27 – which included my step-mother.

It was also the day our grandsons Jesse and Jared were baptized after morning worship, so we celebrated their special day with a cake from Lititz Family Cupboard bakery – Cake & Cup.

I decided to make our lunch as simple as possible and chose haystacks this year.

It went over quite well, so it may become a tradition.

Our children and married grandchildren each brought one item for the meal: Jeff & Chris – apples and dip, Jere & Kristen – red beet and deviled eggs, Roy & Deb – cookies, Nate & Abby and Dustan & Jenna brought tortilla chips for the haystacks.

The boys focused on the desserts and snacks. 🙂

Tomorrow night I will show you the rest of our celebration.

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