5 thoughts on “Corn Harvest

  1. That machine is cutting the corn, then stripping the cobs off the stems — is it going farther and shooting out just the kernels, or are those cobs coming out of the hose?

    • From my brother Steve: two stages. The harvester strips the ear off of the stalk and leaves the stalk still mostly intact and attached to the ground. It then shells the corn off of the cob and spits the cob out, keeping only the kernels. Then some farmers are done. They just leave the stalk there. Many use a separate machine to shed the stalk, then rake and bale the resulting fodder and use it for bedding.

  2. Thanks, Doris! It always amazes me how much is done inside a single machine — and this is a prime example — imagine driving a machine into a corn-field and coming out with just the edible kernels! And the fact that the farmers can then, with a second machine, dispose of what’s left. It’s “awesome”!

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