Surprise Truck Convoy for Elam Martin, Jr

Sunday Afternoon, October 16

We received a Facebook invitation from friends from church – Kevin and Jeanette. Elam is her uncle. He was injured while loading underground water/sewer pipes on Tuesday, September 6, 2016, and sustained neck, back, and sternum fractures. There was surgery to repair his neck fractures, but he needs to wear a brace for 8-plus weeks.

The invitation said: You are invited to participate in a truck convoy by the Martin home on Sunday afternoon, October 16. Meet at John F. Martin Meats at 2 pm or drive by the house between 2 and 3 pm. Bobtails only due to narrow, country roads.

1-1We arrived at Martin Meats fairly early and enjoyed watching other trucks arriving.

1-2Soon they were lining up behind us.

1-3After the lot began to fill, they lined up in a double row.

1-4Notice the lighted cross on the TFC tractor – behind Cerwin.

1-5Elam’s family was delighted to see so many trucks. We counted 33. There may have been others who joined the convoy or drove by the house later in the afternoon. I just received a comment that there were 45. 🙂




1-9I couldn’t resist taking this picture of Doris Hursh. (You should have warned Glenn about parking in front of us.)

I did that a few times as well, so there may be a picture out there of me doing the same thing.


2I do not know the Martin family, but understand the man on the left is a son-in-law to Elam. He was giving instructions for the convoy.

3-1The drivers, families, and friends listening to the instructions.


3aKen Martin (right) prayed for Elam, his family, and for the safety of the convoy.






5-5We are on our way.

5-6This is when I was leaning out the window taking pictures.


5-8Some of the neighbors knew about the convoy and were waiting for us.



5-11The family was waiting for us.

5-12We were told to make noise – air horns, Jake brakes, train whistles, whatever you had.


5-14It was fun to see the smiles on everyone’s face.

5-15Blessings to you, Elam, for continued healing.

6-1After passing the house, a family member handed us a bag of seasoned pretzels with a thank you note.

6-2They are delicious.

dsc_8464On our way home, we came upon this neat old car.

dsc_8469-2They were enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon drive.


dsc_8478-2We enjoyed our relaxing afternoon as well.

8 thoughts on “Surprise Truck Convoy for Elam Martin, Jr

  1. So fun to be part of this surprise. Kirby and I were at the back of the line. A person watching counted 45 trucks in the main line.

  2. My husband and I are friends of Elam and Irene. He called my husband last evening to share this. So glad you all did this for him as I know it made his day–his love for trucks !
    God bless you all for reaching out to bless Elam and Irene during this time of his recovery.

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