A New Chapel Under Construction

9-8-16-3Cerwin purchased this used trailer for TFC at an auction on August 26 – just before we delivered the newly finished chapel to New Caney (Houston), Texas.

10-5-16-1In early October, Cerwin and Glenn began preparing the trailer for construction by removing the back doors. If you look closely, you can see Glenn pushing this door to the ground.

10-5-16-3Then it was moved inside the shop.

10-5-16-4This will be a new promotional chapel for taking to churches and truck shows, consequently Cerwin was particular that it be a 48′ so it is not too long for church and truck show parking lots. (The one we took to Houston was a 53′)

There is no tight deadline for this one, so the guys will work on it during the winter months. Look for it to be ready for ministry by next spring.

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