Paraguayan Folk Harp Concert

Sunday Evening, September 25

dsc_7945We were pleased to learn (via Facebook) that the Klassen’s were in our area on Sunday evening.

The pictures aren’t great because the lights were behind them, and I didn’t want to use a flash.

dsc_7947He is an amazing harpist and entertaining story teller, and uses those talents to challenge Christians to live faithful, happy, godly lives.

dsc_7949He learned to play harp in a Paraguayan jungle – on an old harp. He and his brother replaced missing strings with fishing line.

dsc_7950His wife, Christine, is from Canada – where they live today. She accompanies him on keyboard.

dsc_7955I love to hear the stories of his youth in the jungle of Paraguay where he lived in a large Mennonite colony.

dsc_7953Today he and Christine travel around the world sharing the gospel with his harp, her keyboard, and his entertaining, challenging stories.

dsc_7957We first heard them on our cruise to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick last fall.

We just may go with them on another cruise in 2018 – to Mexico – in mid-winter.

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