Day 2 & 3 of Our Trip Home from Texas

Tuesday, September 20

Since I didn’t have time to post the scenes of yesterday, I will show them to you first – then some of the travel highlights from today.

9-20-16-1Yesterday – a beautiful morning in Alabama










9-20-16-87Somewhere between the Tennessee border and Chattanooga (above), the time changed from Central to Eastern Standard – without notice or fanfare.


9-20-16-110Weigh stations are not a trucker’s favorite things to do in a day, but they certainly have become more efficient than many years ago.

9-20-16-119After spending six days on the road and four in a truck stop, we were again reminded: if you eat it, sit on it, walk on it or use it – a truck probably brought it.


9-20-16-124Love seeing the rolling hills of Virginia


9-20-16-130It’s not difficult locating Chaplain David’s truck in the parking lot at Wytheville TA.



9-20-16-141Cerwin and David watching a driver work on his truck. The chapel is next to the garage.

9-20-16-147Discussing something about the chapel.

9-20-16-153David invited us to an evening Bible study. He uses a neat DVD that puts the words on the screen while playing the song.

9-20-16-158He announced the Bible study over the public address system in the truck stop, but nobody else came.

It was great to spend the evening studying the Bible with him.


Wednesday, September 21

9-21-16-3We were on the road by 6:00 am today and enjoyed a pretty, misty morning in Virginia.


9-21-16-13I am showing you this picture to let you know I don’t always get the shot I want – especially when traveling down the road at 60 mph. About the time I saw these three crosses along the road, it was too late. 🙂

9-21-16-20The hills were alive with morning mist.



9-21-16-32These looked pretty in the morning sun as we exited the interstate at 10:00 am for breakfast.




9-21-16-44I like the company name and Bible verse on this truck.

9-21-16-53By noon we were seeing familiar sights – like the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg.



9-21-16-62Little towns with narrow streets

9-21-16-70Three Mile Island

9-21-16-723,008 miles and 11 states later, we were back at the TFC Office and Shop. The list of miles we traveled in each state:

Pennsylvania – 187

Maryland – 24

West Virginia – 52

Virginia – 644

Tennessee – 722

Arkansas 271

Texas 505

Louisiana 185

Mississippi – 154

Alabama 241

Georgia – 23


9-21-16-74I wish I had thought about taking pictures of the ladies who came out to the parking lot to welcome us home – and Glenn and Rachel stopped in shortly after we got back. Glenn helps Cerwin build chapels and followed our trip with great interest – wishing they had thought of flying to Houston to be part of the weekend.

9-21-16-78Then, just over that hill, we were really home – and quickly back into reality.

  1. A phone message that said, “Could we bring some of Mother High’s records to Landis Homes as soon as possible?” The Office of Aging misplaced her records about a year ago. They just found them. Now they need records as quickly as possible. 🙂 She died in February and we or her lawyer have been checking on this every few months.
  2. Our granddaughter, Hannah, was taken to the ER today – then a local hospital in Brunswick – then Maine Medical in Portland for complicated hernia surgery. Pray for her. We just learned that she had 40″ of her small intestine removed. They will keep her sedated until Friday when they plan to finish the surgery.
  3. Cerwin’s TFC credit card bill was here when we got home. When he prepared the receipts to take to the office tomorrow, he showed me an unfamiliar bill of $116.00. I googled the company – they sell clothing. Cerwin uses this card to purchase building supplies for chapel construction or ministry travel. I called the company. They didn’t have any record of a bill to Cerwin. I called the credit card company and told them about it. They considered it fraud and took his card number down. She mentioned other charges – which were from our trip – so this was the only incorrect charge.

Yes, real life hit us quickly. However, God is good all the time. 🙂

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  1. That was quite a trip! Thanks for taking us along. So sorry to hear about your granddaughter – I will pray for her and that everything goes smoothly and she will heal completely and quickly.

  2. So much different scenery in just 2 days! I love the misty mornings and the bridge with the circular reflections! I’m sure it felt good to be home, but what a welcome! I hope Hannah is doing ok — will keep her in my thoughts. And I hope Cerwin’s credit card bill will turn out to be a one-time event!

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