The Privilege to See Samson at Sight & Sound Again

Thursday Evening, August 18

1This Sight and Sound visit was a 2016 birthday gift for Hannah and Jenna.

Going to Outback was a gift to Dustan.


DSC_4940Dustan and Jenna are just a few weeks shy of their first wedding anniversary.

DSC_4938We started our meal with a Blooming Onion.

DSC_4944Then it was to Sight and Sound

DSC_4949As you read in my blog last night, Hannah, was here on short notice. When I learned about their visit, I asked if either Diane or Hannah wanted to go along to Sight and Sound. Diane opted to babysit Anthony, but Hannah was interested in going.

I checked the website to see if there were any available seats. The note said, “Call for Seats.” I called, and the Sight and Sound rep said there was only one seat available and it was in the handicapped area.

Perfect! Since Hannah was dealing with an injured leg, she wouldn’t have to climb steps or walk very far. I reserved it. She didn’t care where she sat, but it was nice that she was in our area (of a very large building) and a dozen or so seats behind us.

I called Hannah and asked if she wanted to feel hugged by the Lord – then told  her about the one available seat. 🙂

DSC_4950The statue of Samson in the entrance area.

DSC_4956Photos cannot be taken during the production, but there are some interesting scenes before the opening of Samson.

DSC_4960There is no talking, so the audience is left to figure out  what is going on.




DSC_4972It appears that he is paying for a camel ride.


DSC_4975The production of Samson began shortly after this.

It was interesting to sit in a different location than a few weeks ago. That time we were in raised seats toward the back of the auditorium. We like that because you can see what is going on in the ceiling/sky and on the side stages.

This time we were toward the middle of the floor seats. We liked seeing it a second time because we knew what was going to happen – and we were closer.

It made us glad that it didn’t suit Dustan and Jenna the first time we went. Also, we were glad to take Hannah.

DSC_4976The Lion and Lamb outside the theatre.

We are blessed to live so close to Lancaster Sight and Sound Theatre.

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