Houston Chapel Construction ~ Update

7-26-16 (3)July 26 – Ready to take to Merv Weaver’s for sand and glass blasting then to Trans Equipment for painting.

7-28-16 (1)July 28 – While the chapel was away, Cerwin and Glenn worked on some other things – such as indirect lighting boxes.

7-28-16 (2)

8-2-16 (1)Stained to match the interior of the chapel.

8-17-16 (1)August 17 – Back from the paint shop.

8-23-16 (1)August 23 – A One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning employee installing the ductless heating and cooling system.

8-23-16 (2)

8-23-16 (4)Glenn installing clearance lights.


Cerwin is pleased that everything is still on schedule. We plan to leave TFC’s International Office/Shop on Monday morning, September 12 and arrive in Houston on September 14.

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  1. As I read this, I was thinking that a trip to Houston looks imminent — glad to know you’re on schedule! I hope the weather cooperates for this trip!

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