August Flowers

1We redid this flowerbed earlier this year and I am still enjoying the newness of it – after having been used to bushes that were planted 48 years ago.

2I also added a few potted flowers – something that rarely works for me because I forget to water them. I was determined to take care of them every day this summer – and have been successful so far.

3This was a gift from a friend – which also adds some new beauty to this flowerbed.

4 (1)I got two gerbera daisies and have been pleasantly surprised that they are flourishing in this bed.

4 (2)Geraniums are a usual annual for us because I like red, and they do well in our yard.


DSC_3707Out farther in our yard the crepe myrtle is beginning to bloom, but seems to be behind many others in our area.

DSC_3712It looks like the beetles like it too. 🙁

DSC_3732I am not sure what these are called – I bought them for the pretty purple flowers and promptly forgot their name.

August flowers are pleasing to my eyes.

6 thoughts on “August Flowers

  1. Your garden is always so pretty at this time of year, when the plants have grown out a bit from when you planted them and the flowers are still in bloom. Geraniums are perennials in this part of the world — I was really surprised years ago when some friends from Santa Barbara took tiny pots of them to Seattle to sell to neighbors for $1 a pot because they are annuals there!

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