Diesel Truck Nationals at Maple Grove Speedway

Saturday, July 23

DSC_3263Cerwin and Chaplain Jake took the chapel and Jake’s Marmon to the speedway on Friday so they could park at our designated spot – just inside the gate.

The organizers gave us the best spot on the grounds.

DSC_3265We enjoyed watching arriving trucks.

DSC_3268The view behind my chair and under the chapel.

DSC_3272Our view of arriving trucks when sitting in lawn chairs under the canopy

The ice chest contained cold water for drivers. It was a hot, humid day.

DSC_3273After I had the inside of the chapel set up and had done a bit of reading, I did a photo walk.

DSC_3275Driver goodie bags




DSC_3284Arriving trucks







DSC_3298The monster truck – Keystone Crusher – was giving rides to those who wanted to get close to the track.

DSC_3300Chaplain Jake said we had VIP seats from Peterbilt (some connection he had). I had no idea what that meant, so I was surprised to have access to a room overlooking the race track! 🙂

DSC_3302How nice to sit in air conditioning, watch racing trucks, and eat lunch provided by Peterbilt. There were hamburgers, vegie trays, crackers, cheese, cookies, and soda.

DSC_3318I made sure the Peterbilt rep who was sitting next to me knew that we appreciated their gracious gift.

DSC_3325It was time to give Jake a break from chapel duty so we walked back to the chapel – taking pictures as we went.

DSC_3334Our view from my lawn chair while Jake went to the VIP room.

DSC_3336We enjoyed watching arriving trucks and visiting with people who stopped by to talk to us.

DSC_3339The view behind the chapel.



DSC_3344Another photo walk

DSC_3349On this picture you can see Jake’s Marmon (it used to be a chapel tractor). He is on the left talking to a few visitors on a golf cart.

DSC_3499Jake’s Marmon

DSC_3352The police security was next to us.

DSC_3369We heard that a special jet dragster was going to do a demonstration, so I headed toward the track – hoping to get to the viewing room before it took off.

DSC_3360When I heard the roar, I knew I was not going to make it, so I went into the stands and soon knew why people around me were putting their hands over their ears.

DSC_3365I should have gone higher up in the stands because of the cement barriers – but I did get to hear the amazing roar and watch it take off like a jet.


DSC_3378I went back to our viewing room to get another soda and watch more racing while the men stayed with the chapel.





DSC_3466The Keystone Crusher was still giving rides.


DSC_3472Preparing the track for the next set of races.

DSC_3474Trucks waiting to race.

DSC_3490Heading back to the chapel to give the men a break.

DSC_3494I was surprised to find that trucks were still arriving.

DSC_3500By mid-afternoon the trucks began leaving.



DSC_3505This one was arriving.








DSC_3524Then it was our turn to leave. As you can see, I am again following the chapel in our RAV4. This car got between us, but it is not difficult to follow a chapel.

DSC_3527This time I only had an hour drive – and mostly on familiar roads. About halfway home, Cerwin headed toward the TFC Headquarters and I turned toward home. He had the TFC pickup at the office.

DSC_3530I often thank God for the amazing variety of activities He has brought into my life.

Little did I know when I was a young girl – wanting to do mission work – that He would bring me into the interesting life of truck drivers. 🙂

One highlight of my day was when a trucker stopped to tell me that he now knows how old I am – because of the article I wrote for the Highway News and Good News when we were at Macungie and I tried to locate and photograph trucks that were built in 1944 – the year I was born. It’s always nice to know that people like something I wrote.

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