Supper for Out-of-Town Visitors to the Ohio Rally

Saturday Evening, July 9

DSC_2269We were honored to be invited to a nearby Mennonite church to enjoy a meal for the out-of-town visitors to the Ohio Truck Rally.

There were about 75 in attendance – from Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Ontario, Canada. There were probably other states/provinces represented that I forgot to mention.

DSC_2270As you will see by these pictures, we had delicious food.







IMG_20160709_192443What a surprise when this man said to me, “You are Abby Zook’s grandma, aren’t you?”

I took this picture with my cell phone to send to Nate and Abby, saying, “You won’t believe who we are having supper with in Ohio tonight.” 🙂


Thank you Allen and Martha and those who helped you put on this meal. It gave Cerwin and me opportunity to meet new people and feel your heart for truck drivers.

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