A New Camera

Wednesday evening, June 29

1 (1)After stopping at Perfect Image Camera to pick up my new Nikon D7200, Cerwin went to Home Depot for chapel construction supplies. I stayed in the car to play with my new “toy”, and after doing a few initial settings, I took my first picture: the sign right in front of me. 🙂

We chose to purchase a new camera, because the repair of my Nikon D7000 sensor was half the price of a camera.

1 (3)It is nice having a camera that is working again. It is very similar to the one I did have – but an upgrade with a few new features. The speed of this one makes me realize that mine has been going bad for some time.

3Our next stop was Olive Garden where we used part of the gift card I won at Leslie’s baby shower a few weeks ago.

4 (1)We enjoyed their delicious salad.

4 (2)While waiting for the food, I checked our nearby surroundings and experimented with my camera.

4 (3)

4 (4)My decaf

4 (9)

4 (5)

4 (6)

4 (7)Cerwin’s Coke

4 (8)Lasagne

4 (10)Outside the restaurant

4 (11)

5I took the next series of pictures while Cerwin was driving toward home.

5a (1)The clouds were beautiful.

5a (2)The kind where we all look for shapes of animals and other things.

5a (3)

5a (3a) (1)

5a (3a) (2)

5a (4)Road construction delay

5a (5)I turned down my car window to capture this fire hydrant next to our car.

5a (6)Kreider Farms tourist silo

5a (9)A dairy herd a few miles from our house.

5a (10)Our church

5a (11)Our road

5a (12)I’ve lived along this road for 68 of my 72 years.

5a (13)

5a (14)

5a (15)

5a (16)Daisies in our front yard

5a (16a)

5a (17)

5a (19)This lightening bug was out early on this evening. I didn’t realize they like daisy pollen.

5a (20)Yarrow (Achillea)

5a (22)Same thing – another color

5a (23)Backyard. Yucca. I think everyone’s is blooming but ours.

5a (24)Gooseneck Loosestrife (Lysimachia clethroides)

6On our bank. Along the road. Crown vetch (Coronilla vara)




DSC_0209As I walked away from the road I heard the clip clop of horse hooves approaching.

Little did he know that I was playing with a new camera. 🙂

DSC_0211What great timing for my new camera.

9 thoughts on “A New Camera

  1. Your new camera has wonderful resolution — a good choice! Does it even tell the difference between real coffee and decaf — lol ?! What a wonderful place to live for all but 4 years of your life — were the other 4 years while you were at school?

  2. Looks like your new camera is a keeper. Of course, the camera lady is a pro. My kids took me out for supper tonite, then a quick trip to the grocery store. Think I’ll go to bed early tonight. I only took 3 naps today.

  3. I enjoyed your pictures and can imagine the fun & delight of using a new camera! I especially liked the 1st photo of the horse with it’s ears pricked forward, mane lifted in the breeze & leg lifted in it’s trot. Thanks for sharing your talent and gift in photography.

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