Lunch with Friends

Sunday, June 19

DSC_5024There must have been Amish church in our neighborhood. It was a beautiful morning for scooters and open buggies and we met many as we drove to our church.

DSC_5026Lunch was our annual friends birthday dinner – this year at Mark and Marcy’s house.


DSC_5027Roast Beef


There was also a vegetable and salad that I didn’t photograph.

DSC_5043We enjoyed a delightful, delicious lunch. Our hosts, Mark and Marcy, are on the left and next to Marcy is Emma Jean (or Cookie as she is known to us). Her husband Gene was not feeling well so was not able to come. Next is Gerald, whose wife, Joanne, died from cancer three years ago. She is keenly missed at these dinners. Cerwin has his back to the camera and my chair is empty because I am taking the picture.

We get together once a year to celebrate our friendship. This group of eight began many years ago because the ladies birthdays are in the same month – February. Sometimes we are together in February and sometimes we prefer a warmer month.

When our children were small, the group was much larger because together we have thirteen children.

DSC_5041We finished our meal with this delicious strawberry dessert.

DSC_5028Marcy is a talented decorator, so beauty abounds in their house.




DSC_5040Time always goes so quickly when we are together, and soon our visit was over.

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  1. That a lovely thing to do. . All the food looks so good and that strawberry desert so yum. The flowers are so beautiful too!

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