TFC Susquehanna Chapter Banquet

Saturday Evening, May 14

1 (1)We had about an hour and a half – after the last people left from yard cleanup – to get ready for the banquet.

I kept looking at our beautiful yard and watching the birds return to their turf near our feeders.

1 (2)The flower beds look so nice with mulch or red stones. If you think you see part of a shoe next to the geranium, you do. I placed my Dad’s last pair of work shoes in this flowerbed in 1997 after his residence was changed from earth to heaven. They are in pieces now, but I think the soles will last a very long time.

DSC_2298We arrived at Ric-Mar Restaurant, Northumberland, PA, about 4:30 PM and prepared for the banquet. This is a small group of wonderful supporters of Transport For Christ.

After ordering our meals, we were blessed with a solo by Lora Bawel, accompanied by Rita Michael. They also honored us with another song following the meal.


DSC_2302Cerwin also gave a chapel construction update before the meal arrived.

DSC_2303Following the delicious meal, the audience enjoyed a ministry update by Bunny O’Hare, who told some interesting stories about events that happened recently – on chapels or as a result of contacts by TFC staff.

DSC_2305Bunny and Peg traveled with us during the two-hour drive to Northumberland. They are always delightful travel partners. Don and Nancy Goss – near camera – are the contact people for this chapter.

DSC_2306We were blessed to meet new people and renew old friendships. Some of these people have been TFC supporters since the mid-seventies.

4 thoughts on “TFC Susquehanna Chapter Banquet

  1. Lovely banquet. So many supporters.

    The birds are back. I almost ran over two sparrows yesterday acting naughty.


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