Family Workday in Our Yard – Part 1 of 2

Saturday, May 14

1 Yard Work (1)Josiah carrying an old bush to the burn pile in the woods.

1 Yard Work (2)Nate dealing with the roots of one of the old bushes.

1 Yard Work (6)

1 Yard Work (5)

1 Yard Work (3)Josh planting our new redbud tree – we bought this and the planting supplies with money from our children – in memory of Mother High.

1 Yard Work (4)

1 Yard Work (7)Jesse ready to plant my little garden while Colt watches.

1 Yard Work (8)Jere and Ian working on the mulch.

1 Yard Work (9)Jere and Jared

1 Yard Work (10)The workday originated when Jere learned that we wanted to kill everything around our entrance area rocks and mulch that area – to make our yardwork easier.

1 Yard Work (11)

1 Yard Work (12)Still working on the patio area where the old bushes had been removed.

1 Yard Work (13)Preparing to plant four azalea bushes.

1 Yard Work (14)Jesse putting the cage around the four tomatoes while Colt watched.

1 Yard Work (15)Transplanting garden tea that got into the area where I wanted to plant a pepper.

1 Yard Work (17)The mulch

1 Yard Work (18)

1 Yard Work (19)Josh putting the finishing soil on the redbud tree.

1 Yard Work (20)

1 Yard Work (21)Roy and Deb are preparing this flowerbed for mulch.

1 Yard Work (22)I love the thought of doing less weeding this summer.

1 Yard Work (23)Josiah and Nate planting our new azaleas. We bought them with money that was given to us by my siblings and stepmother – in memory of Cerwin’s mother.

1 Yard Work (24)Roy edging the area below our patio.

1 Yard Work (25)Debbie asking where these things should be placed.

1 Yard Work (26)The rhododendron was in full bloom.

1 Yard Work (27)Jesse still working in the garden.

1 Yard Work (28)Kristen talking to Roy. She had prepared lunch and was trying to be careful in what she did due to her back.

1 Yard Work (29)Deb raking behind our house.

1 Yard Work (30)The azaleas are planted – now the guys are adding red stones. We don’t mulch next to our house to help prevent termites – per the person who treated our place for termites several years ago.

1 Yard Work (31)Jordan had arrived by this time.

1 Yard Work (32)Continued tomorrow night.

5 thoughts on “Family Workday in Our Yard – Part 1 of 2

  1. The rhododendron is beautiful — and the azaleas will go nicely next to it! And the redbud looks wonderful! It’s amazing how much a family can get done when they all work together!

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