Rose-breasted Grosbeak & Northern Mockingbird

Thursday, May 28

Birds (1)I was pleased when I looked outside the other day and saw a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

We only see them during the spring and summer months – and not real often.

Birds (2)He was a treasure to my eyes.

Birds (3)

Birds (4)

Birds (5)

Birds (6)

Birds (7)

Birds (8)

Birds (9)After the grosbeak flew away – and I was still birdwatching – this mockingbird came for some suet.

6 thoughts on “Rose-breasted Grosbeak & Northern Mockingbird

  1. The grosbeak is absolutely beautiful!!! It’s another one that I’ve never seen before! What a treasure! And even the mockingbird is special, although more common!

  2. I had a grosbeak at our feeder last year. The first time I remember of ever seeing one. Absolutely beautiful!! I had to look it up to see if I could find out what it was. Was so happy to find it online & identify what it was. I had the first Baltimore orioles this week too. Absolutely love having those birds around.

  3. Wow Doris and Cerwin, I remember seeing Rose Breasted Grosbeak’s back when I was a kid at my parents house… But we only saw them one or two seasons as well!

    Wonderful treasure for sure, Jeff Batzer

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