Tuesday, March 8DSC_8805These are my favorite spring flowers, because my mother gave these bulbs to us 42 1/2 years ago for our 10th wedding anniversary – September 14, 1973

DSC_8823She gave us a small bag of bulbs – probably 10 of them – and said, this gift isn’t very pretty, but they will be pretty in spring.

DSC_8826She died fairly on March 16, 1974 – at the age of 52 – about the time our crocus’ always bloom. She went to the hospital thinking she had appendicitis and died two weeks later from complications from cancer.


DSC_8832They have multiplied, and sometimes we find them in the woods area of our lot because we accidentally remove a bulb when we do yardwork – and throw the dirt and leaves on our leaf pile.

DSC_8838Now you know why these are my favorite spring flowers.

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