Four Days in February

Wednesday, February 17 through Saturday, February 20

2-18 (3)A hungry Dark-eyed Junco

2-18 (4)

2-18 (5)Female Dark-eyed Junco.

2-18 (6)European Starling

2-18 (7)A beautiful sunset

On the 17th I had a delightful and delicious breakfast at Lintia’s Restaurant with my sister Nancy, then on the 19th – after Lois and Mary helped label the Highway News – our grandson Nathan took us (his grandparents – Lois, Cerwin, and me) out for lunch. I had a most delicious Tomato Pie at Tomato Pie Café in Lititz.

2-20-16 (1)Sunrise

2-20-16 (2)The sky was lined with jet streaks on Saturday morning, February 20, when we headed to New Holland for TFC’s Lancaster Chapter Prayer Breakfast.

2-20-16 (3)

2-20-16 (5)

2-20-16 (7)I love driving into a pretty sunrise.

2-20-16 (11)The Amish were on the road early too.

2-20-16 (12)

2-20-16 (14)After breakfast Cerwin shared a devotional.

2-20-16 (16)It’s good to encourage one another in the Lord.

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