Sportsmen’s Dinner & Expo

Saturday Evening, January 30


2 (1)Cerwin was intrigued by these ground blinds.

2 (2)It appears that they are made to house a small heater – because of the small “chimneys.”

Cerwin’s is a bit more portable than these.

2 (3)I enjoy visiting the vendors at these events.

2 (5)

2 (4)Carvings fascinate me.

2 (6)These are amazing works of art.

2 (7)

2 (8)

2 (10)

2 (9)

2 (12)More beautiful artwork

2 (13)The originals are painted on real leaves.

2 (14)Sportsmen’s shows are also great places for taxidermists to advertise.

2 (15)

2 (16)


3aKevin (left) was our contact for this event. He represents “Whitetail Trophy Hunt” in Osage Beach, Missouri, where Cerwin went hunting a few years ago – and plans to go this fall.

Kevin invited us to bring Jana and Ian when he saw their pictures on Facebook – because he gives awards to young people (16 and under) who had their first successful hunt last year.

The program began after a delicious dinner in the church fellowship hall and gym.

4 (1)Jana and Ian were surprised when these pictures came on the screen.

4 (2)

4 (3)The group of young people who were awarded with certificates from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

It was fun to also have Jere, Kristen, Jared and Jesse there to watch this award ceremony.

DSC_7726The speaker for the evening was Wade Nolan.

DSC_7727Oh, wow, what an interesting speaker. He told many stories of his days as a wildlife hunter – and how God transformed his life. I love to hear how people encounter God and His plan for their lives – especially when they did not grow up in a Christian environment. He was 28 before he opened a Bible.

Wade grew up thinking that Christians were sissies – until he met Ralph – a weathered Alaskan hunter.

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