Shoveling Snow & Golden Sunset

Tuesday, January 26 – a few days after the big snow.

DSC_7558Cerwin was concerned about the amount of snow on the roof, so pushed it to the ground – which meant the boys had to shovel again. 🙂

DSC_7560Their big brother Josh (left) and his friend Sam arrived to hang out in the man cave and enjoyed the moment of watching the younger guys working.


DSC_7562That evening the sun created a sea of golden snow.

Wednesday, January 27 – We had a delightful birthday supper with Jeff and Chris at Cat’s Meow in Manheim.

4 thoughts on “Shoveling Snow & Golden Sunset

  1. I’ve read about that happening with snow — usually it seems to be a snow plow that comes by just after the shoveling is finished — not Grandpa — lol ! Lots to do when it snows!

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