Dustan & Jenna’s Wedding – Part 2

Saturday, September 12

Family Pictures

0The families of the bride and groom were asked to be at the church by 1:30 PM for pictures. When we arrived the truck drivers and wedding party guys were on the porch. They were probably planning the wedding party get-away.

0aThe get-away trucks. The shiny sidewalk reflects the rain that was coming down.

0bThe Narthex area

0c (1)This board was the guest register – where everyone would sign their names.

0c (2)

1 (1)The three grandpas: Larry, Marv, and Cerwin.

All grandparents go to the same church and are in the same Sunday school class.

1 (2)The aisle decorations. Sanctuary flowers by our sister-in-law Dot Hershey.

Mary Kathryn Hernley designed the bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquets, all corsages and boutonnieres, plus several arrangements.

1 (3)

2The pulpit area. I love this table.


4 (1)

4 (2)Marv and Sue (Grandpa and Grandma Shenk) with Jenna and Dustan.

I was disappointed to miss the Shenk family picture. They were the first family and the photographer felt bad that she forgot to give the other photographers time to get pictures.

4 (3)The Rohrer Family. Dustan’s parents and siblings are on the left.

4 (4)The Wells family – our daughter-in-law Chris’ family.

4 (5)The photographer trying to figure out what to do with our gang of 30.

5She did a great job of arranging us.

5a…and then we were complete with a count of 31.

Josiah had another appointment and could not make the photo shoot, but came in time for the wedding, so I took a picture and put an inset of him on the right. It is the first time that we have all been in the same place since our 2012 cruise.

5b (1)Cerwin, me, and my stepmother, Velma, with the bride and groom.


Thanks to Debbie Rohrer for taking our family pictures with my camera.

5b (2)Diana (sister of the bride and maid of honor) and her handsome Donovan (an usher).

5b (3)

The proud parents of the bride.

5b (4)Cerwin and our sons.

5b (5)I love seeing our four children together.


Tomorrow night – The Wedding Ceremony

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  1. Beautiful family pictures! If Donovan joins the family, he may introduce some darker hair and eyes. In our family, most of us are darker. We only have one grandchild with blue eyes. We’re not sure about the great-grands yet. Variety is nice. I would like a red-head sometime, but I doubt that will happen.

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