Traveling To Maine

Thursday, September 3

DSC_9299We were out of the house shortly after 5 AM on Thursday morning for our annual Labor Day weekend trip to Maine. It was a cloudy morning, so we didn’t see a sunrise, but as we rounded this turn (about 6:45 AM) near the New Jersey line – there was the sun!

DSC_9301We saw it in various places as we traveled RT 78 – depending on the angle of the road.


DSC_9306…and sometimes we didn’t see it at all.



DSC_9318We have our routine down pat when we make this trip. Our first stop is always at Bloomsbury, New Jersey, Pilot where gas is cheapest.

DSC_9329Workers on the Newburg-Beacon Bridge as we crossed the Hudson River.

DSC_9332E-ZPass makes it nice for us on this trip where there are a lot of tolls.

DSC_9333Another “routine” on this trip is breakfast at a service plaza in New York and a smoothie snack on the Mass Turnpike.

DSC_9335A welcome sign after seven hours on the road.

DSC_9337Just two miles to our last exit.

At one point during our drive – as I watched heavy traffic in New Jersey – I asked God, “How do You keep track of all these people? I believe and know with all my heart that You do, but how do You do it?

As I was mulling over that thought I felt a hug in my spirit and heard God say, “I know exactly where you are.”  Oh, how I love God for reminding me of that. 🙂

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  1. I needed to read this tonight – that God knows exactly where I am. Thank you. Going through a very tough time right now, and I need to be reminded constantly that God knows, that God is sovereign, that God can do immeasurably more than we can ask or think. Thank you for your reminders, with your daily Bible verses and your encouraging blogs.

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