Enjoying A Birthday Supper With Jenna

Monday, April 7

DSC_7445Her restaurant of choice. We like eating at Texas Roadhouse, but had never been to this location in Palmyra.

I especially enjoyed the drive – over back roads that I rarely travel.

DSC_7447Just looking at this picture reminds me of the delicious, warm roll.

DSC_7450It was fun to spend time with her and hear about some of her plans and dreams.

DSC_7448She was excited to tell us that she just had her largest sale ever.

She works in a furniture store where local, handcrafted oak, cherry, and maple pieces are featured.

DSC_7454My delicious salad.

DSC_7456Jenna’s steak meal.

DSC_7457Cerwin’s steak (covered with mushrooms and onions) and a sweet potato.

DSC_7458My incredibly delicious shrimp and rice dish.

DSC_7460None of us were hungry, but it was just too tempting to turn down this dessert.

Notice there are three spoons. It was a perfect size for sharing.

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