Photos & Supper Following The Recital

After supper preparations were complete, we went outside for some photos.

At Jere's (1)First ~ the two pianists ~ Jana and Jared

At Jere's (2)

At Jere's (4)

Jared with his parents.

This photo is by Deb, because the expressions on their faces is better than on my photo.

At Jere's (3)Jana with her parents

At Jere's (5)Jana and her mom – another photo by Deb. I didn’t take one of this pose.

At Jere's (6)The entire family: Jere, Kristen, Jared, Jana, Jesse, Ian, and Josh

At Jere's (7)The family with Josh’s friend Allie.

At Jere's (8)We tried to add the family dog, Jake, but he didn’t cooperate.

However, I got a photo of them trying to get him to pose.

At Jere's (9)Oh, yum!

The ham and cheese sandwiches are ready.

At Jere's (10)The salad is tossed.

At Jere's (11)The dessert table is arranged.

Let’s eat!

At Jere's (12)

At Jere's (13)

At Jere's (14)What a delightful afternoon.


Thanks Jere and Kristen for inviting us.

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