Mud Sale

Saturday, March 15

Mud Sale 1It was a cool ~ sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy day ~ a wonderful Saturday morning to walk around our local mud sale.

Mud Sale 1b (2)Mud sale you ask?

What is that?

Mud Sale 1b (4)They are an area phenomenon ~ benefit auctions for fire companies and Amish schools.

If you really like them you can find one almost every Saturday from the last Saturday in February through the last Saturday in June ~ and several more during the summer and fall months.

Mud Sale 1b (3)They are called mud sales, because most are held in spring when there is lots of mud.

Mud Sale 1b (1)This one, which is located in our neighborhood, attracts hundreds of people ~ and there are auctioneers in tents and on wagons across the entire fire company property.

Mud Sale 1aThere are all kinds of items for auction.

Mud Sale 1b (5)Wagons

Mud Sale 1b (8)Tractors

Mud Sale 1b (7)Carriages for horses to pull.

Mud Sale 1b (6)

Mud Sale 1b (9)Cute calves

Mud Sale 1b (10)

Mud Sale 1b (11)

Mud Sale 1c (2)Even an artificial cow.

Mud Sale 1c (4)We thought Jere should buy it for his milk-testing office, but we couldn’t reach him.

Or ~ Cerwin suggested that I could buy it to put in our family’s yards for birthdays.

Mud Sale 1c (3)Our children and grandchildren are lucky that I didn’t stay to buy it. 🙂

Mud Sale 1c (1)The furniture tent

Mud Sale 1d (1)Baskets

Mud Sale 1d (2)Crates

Mud Sale 1d (3)Creative things

Mud Sale 1d (4)

Mud Sale 1d (6)

Mud Sale 1d (5)

Mud Sale 1e (1)And yes, there was mud.

Mud Sale 1e (3)Verification of the name ~ Mud Sale.

Mud Sale 1e (2)More pictures tomorrow night.

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  1. My comment was going to be “and there was mud.” It looks as if there were a lot of things for sale, and a lot of people to buy them. I love the carriage — and wonder how much the cow sold for?

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