The Barn Entrance

These pictures didn’t quite fit into the baby shower pictures, but this is what we saw at the entrance to the barn – which is on the property of an excavating business.

DSC_6837Cerwin thought it looked like something that was pulled by horses and used in a stone quarry.

DSC_6828Does anyone know what it is?

We don’t know, and would really like to know how it was used.

DSC_6835Cerwin’s cousin Resie said (on Facebook) it is a stone crusher.


DSC_6830This is the entrance arch to the barn. However, I took this picture when we were leaving.

We have been here several times, but always at night so didn’t notice these things before.

4 thoughts on “The Barn Entrance

  1. The machine looks similar to one used here in the harvesting process for head vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, etc.) — itgoes in tandem with a truck, and the veggies tumble into huge crates on the back of the truck.

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