A Baby Shower for Kevin & Becca ~ The Food

Saturday Afternoon, March 15

1While people arrived and lunch was being prepared I took more pictures.

1aNotice the pretty, cloth napkins.


1f (1)Visiting before lunch.

1f (2)

1f (3)

1gBy 12:30, lunch was prepared and looking delicious.

1h (1)

1h (2)


Food (11)Becca’s parents (Jeff and Eunice), Becca and Kevin, and Kevin’s mom (Anne) welcomed everyone and asked Cerwin to pray before the meal.

Food (13)

Food (16)

Food (17)Waiting to go through the food line.

Food (18)

Food (19)

Food (6)Dessert

Food (5)There was a treat on this tray that I don’t remember ever tasting. Becca’s mother said they (Irish Potatoes) are a St. Patrick’s Day tradition in their area near Philadelphia. They are kind of hidden, but are the ones that look like small potatoes.

Oh, my! They were delicious!.

The taste reminded me of opera fudge rolled in cinnamon. You can find a variety of recipes online if you Google Irish Potato Candy.

Food (20)After the meal Elyse was ready to open gifts. I think she thought it was her party. 🙂

Tomorrow night ~ the gifts.

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