My 70th Birthday Marathon ~ Birthday Cards & Clues Of Something To Come

I never had – and will probably never have another birthday like this one!

1By Sunday evening, February 16, I had sixty cards and e-cards, plus about twice that many wishes on my blog and Facebook.

Thank You! I feel honored and blessed by your love.

After everyone left the drop-in party I began finding envelopes in interesting places around the house with clues (words I had to unscramble) concerning what would be happening on Monday.

I didn’t find them in order, but they were in cupboards and drawers, and on countertops.

I previously posted the first note – the one that came in the mail – “Keep Monday Open” – and the first scrambled word clue which was in our church mailbox earlier in the day: ladies.

#2 – AEDCILTE delicate

#3 – EGNRFIS – fingers

#4 – HSULAG – laughs

#5 – AMRAO – aroma

#6 – OEVL – love

Whoever was giving me the clues left me alone for awhile to think over the variety of possibilities these clues could mean – until bedtime when “the clue person” sent a text to Diane telling her that the final clue was on my pillow. This clue told me where to be and what time to be there.


Tuesday Morning, February 17

Diane and I did some laundry and worked at organizing the garage and house before she, Elizabeth, Hannah, Lydia, and Mary Ellen, and I left for our date with the “mysterious ladies” – picking up Abby along the way.

1aWe left early enough for a fifteen minute visit to Wilbur Chocolate because a friend in Maine wanted some Pennsylvania chocolate.

DSC_5781Lititz had their Fire and Ice Festival a few days earlier, so it was fun to see a few ice sculptures around town.

DSC_5782We live only a few miles away, but I don’t remember ever being in their candy store and museum.



DSC_5786It appears that the ladies were making chocolate-covered pretzels.


DSC_5791While watching them make handmade candy, we could hear the machinery where candy was being made in bulk in another area of the building.




DSC_5801Then we were on our way.


DSC_5890There was another sculpture at Tomato Pie Restaurant – not our final destination.

More tomorrow night.

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  1. What a birthday! I have a funny story about the Wilbur Chocolate Co. — several years ago when I was driving school bus I drove a group of students to the Lancaster area for a conference and we visited the factory. I bought some special chocolate treats for my children, placed the package with my luggage in the back of the bus only to discover when I got home that I had a melted mass of chocolate with no specific design as I had placed my purchase to close to the heater.

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