My 70th Birthday Marathon – The Surprise!

Saturday, February 15

I told Cerwin that the only thing I wanted for my birthday was dinner with our children.

He told me that it did not suit the children on my birthday, so it was planned for a week later. That was certainly fine with me.

My Birthday (2)I did not know where we were going for supper, and Cerwin was not familiar with Gibraltar’s location ~ our children chose it ~ so we drove right by it.

My Birthday (1)The entrance is difficult to find even when you know where the building is, because it houses more than the restaurant as it is near Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster.

My Birthday (3)This is a photo Deb took of us as we approached the table.

My Birthday (4)This is me a few seconds later when I saw who was sitting at the table.

Look at Cerwin’s satisfied face! He looks like the cat that just swallowed the canary.

My Birthday (5)It was our daughter Diane ~ from Maine!

My Birthday (6)I had no idea that she was going to be part of the celebration.

By the way, everyone got hugs from me, but no one recorded the others with pictures. 🙂

My Birthday (7)She and their Maine children (Elizabeth, Hannah, Hezekiah, Lydia) and Lydia’s friend Mary Ellen arrived a few hours earlier.

I was disappointed that it did not suit our son-in-law Mark to make this trip, but decided to revel in having our four children in one spot.

Diane’s children went to their sister Abigail’s house for supper, then came to our house to prepare for another surprise the next day.

My Birthday (8)Our table: left to right – Jere, Kristen, Roy, Deb, Diane, Cerwin, Chris, and Jeff.

(Just encase you are not familiar with our children, they are Jeff, Diane, Jere, and Deb.)

My Birthday (9)

My Birthday (10)

My Birthday (11)

My Birthday (12)Our salads/appetizers.

My Birthday (13)

My Birthday (14)

My Birthday (15)

My Birthday (16)One of the waitresses took a photo that included me while we waited for our entrees.

My Birthday (17)Oh how I love and respect these people!

My Birthday (18)The variety of main courses that our group chose.

My Birthday (19)Several chose the same entrée, the reason there are only three varieties shown.

My Birthday (20)Everyone said their food was delicious.

My Birthday (21)Desserts were as yummy as they looked.

My Birthday (22)

My Birthday (23)

My Birthday (24)

My Birthday (25)Our server brought a special treat for my birthday.

My Birthday (26)Listening to them sing “Happy Birthday” to me and preparing to blow out the candle.

My Birthday (27)

My Birthday (28)The words “Happy Birthday” were written with chocolate.

My Birthday (29)A picture of us with my camera.

My Birthday (30)A picture with Deb’s camera.

My Birthday (31)A beautiful corsage from Cerwin. The meal was also a gift from Cerwin.

This was one happy mama!

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  1. Oh Doris ~ this all looks soooo very wonderful! Just LOVE the photo of you and Cerwin from Deb’s camera ~ such a great photo of you guys. And the food looks extraordinary ~

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