Meeting Lincoln

Sunday, January 26

DSC_3921We received a phone call from Grandma Anne (right) saying that her two grandbabies were going to be at the house on Sunday, and that we were welcome to come to meet them after church.

DSC_3922Elyse and Grandma.

Elyse’s momma, Jessica, is my niece.

DSC_3925This was the first time we met two-month-old Lincoln.

DSC_3926He and his momma, Hillary, were visiting from Arkansas.

DSC_3927Lincoln’s daddy, Neil, is my nephew.

DSC_3929Hillary asked if I wanted to hold him.

She said he may fall asleep – and he did!

DSC_3931He did not wake up when I handed him back to Hillary.


DSC_3934We are grateful to God to have another precious miracle life in our family.

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