Traveling Home From Maine

Monday, January 6

DSC_3194We left Mark and Diane’s home about 7:00 a.m. on a very rainy Monday and dropped Lydia off at Region 10 Technical High School where she is studying for her senior year of high school.

DSC_3196After arriving, she learned that school was delayed two hours because of the heavy rain. She used the time to do some school work.

DSC_3198We drove in rain for most of the first five hours.


DSC_3210That’s a lot of wheels!

He was coming from our going for a very large and long load.

DSC_3215Though the sun came out later in the day, it was still very cloudy.

DSC_3218We got home just in time to freshen up a bit before going to a viewing/visitation for a cousin of mine who died suddenly on New Year’s Day morning.

He was a son of one of my mom’s sisters and a dozen years younger than me.

DSC_3227Some of us (cousins) commented that it is sad that it takes a death to see so many relatives.

DSC_3236Now we are staying home for a while.

I think we were away from home for the past three months more than we were home.

Since then Cerwin began construction on another chapel, and I am getting caught up in the house and office.

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