New Year’s Day in Maine

Diane made an interesting, delicious breakfast for the first day of the year.

DSC_2776We had a large pizza crust in our freezer – leftover from a party – so I brought it along to Maine. Diane covered it with a white sauce, scrambled egg, ham, and cheese mixture.

DSC_2779Because everyone was here, they decided to open the gifts we brought from Pennsylvania – some from their daughter/sister Abby and her husband, Nathaniel.



DSC_2784Lydia opening her package from her sister.



DSC_2795Elizabeth was pleased with Abby’s choice of a book for her.




DSC_2810This was the gift that the children were anxious to give their mom.

It was a combination Christmas and birthday gift.

Diane’s birthday is January 1.



DSC_2815A Nook!

DSC_2821It is just like mine – thanks to our daughter Deb who ordered them for those who wanted to buy them for us.

Diane and I are having fun learning some of the features.

DSC_2823Mark’s Christmas gift from the children was a pair of bib overalls.

DSC_2827This is what it looked like after we gave each of them a Hershey heritage book as part of their Christmas gift.


DSC_2832After gifts Cerwin and Elizabeth played Othello. Grandpa won!

DSC_2837During the afternoon, while I was at the kitchen table working on my blog, I looked up and noticed that everyone was on an electronic device – Mark (Tablet), Cerwin (Nook), Hannah (Nook), Lydia (Tablet), Diane (Nook), and Elizabeth (IPhone). Hezekiah was in the office on a computer. 🙂

DSC_2838I made a pan of pork and sauerkraut for supper – using pork chops that Diane had here.

Afterward we all went to prayer meeting at Brunswick Church of the Brethren.

DSC_2841After church we sent money with Elizabeth and Hezekiah to buy an ice cream birthday cake for Diane.

DSC_2842I like how the children made a 48 to represent her age – four candles and a number 8.

DSC_2844The children decided to surprise Diane and invite Greg Keeney’s family here for cake and fireworks. That’s Emily in the background reading the Hershey book.

DSC_2847It was so cold outside (about zero) that I didn’t last long enough to get any good pictures of Hezekiah and Elizabeth’s fireworks display. I came inside and watched from a window.

DSC_2848The others lasted longer.

It was a delightful January 1, 2014.

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