Hershey Christmas At The Barn – Part 1

Monday, December 30

This group (my siblings and their children and their children) became too large for anyone’s house, so we go to a nice barn near Schaefferstown.

0 People (1)The sun was setting as we arrived, creating a pretty scene to the west.

0 People (2)We arrived early enough to get the coffee and punch set up so it was ready for people to enjoy before supper.

0 People (5)Cerwin, Nancy, Jeff, Karen, Dale, Amy

0 People (3)My brothers Dale and Steve in the foreground. Karen (left), Chris, Abby, and Diana in the background.

0 People (8)Our granddaughter Jenna and I enjoyed watching people arrive.

0 People (4)Larry and Kevin (brothers-in-law) visit shortly after arriving.

0 People (6)Jeff, Karen, Dale, and Katie

0 People (7)As 6:00 p.m. neared, many people began arriving.

0 People (9)

0 People (10)Cerwin and Roy

0 People (11)Jenna, Rob, Jessie, Elyse, Bella, and Andi.

We were pleased that Rob, Jessie, and Elyse were able to stay for this meal. They live in Pittsburgh.

0 People (12)

0 People (13)Amy, Jeff, Sarah, and Katie.

0 People (14)Looking down from the balcony

0 People (16)Vince giving Lincoln some mocha punch.

0 People (17)Nancy, Sarah, and Amy

0 People (18)Amy, Nancy, Melissa, and Jamie.

0 People (19)Alix (right) is a welcome, new addition to our family.

0 People (20)She and our nephew Kurt will marry later this year.

0 People (21)Anne, Katie, Grandma Velma, and Jessie looking at a card.

0 People (22)This was also a first time for Kayla (left) to join this Christmas meal. She is dating our nephew Tristan. She is holding Lucy while Jenna looks on. Molly has her back to the camera and Kelci is enjoying a snack.

0 People (23)My youngest brother Steve was teasing me about taking pictures, so I took a close up of him. 🙂

0 People (24)Looks like Jeff is giving his niece Abby some loving advice.

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